Saturday, December 5, 2015

Typhlosion -- BREAKthrough Pokemon Card Review

Typhlosion BREAKthrough Pokemon Card
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Typhlosion from the BREAKthrough Pokemon Card Set.  Typhlosion is a stage 2, fire type Pokemon card, with an hp of 150.  It has a x2 weakness to water type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a three colorless energy card retreat cost.  Typhlosion does not have an Ancient Trait or an Ability but it does have two moves.  The first move that this card has is called Massive Eruption and for one fire energy card this move does 80 damage times the number of energy cards you discard when you discard the top 5 cards of your deck.  Typhlosion's second move is called Flare Destroy, for three energy cards, two fire and one colorless, this move does 130 damage, however both Pokemon have to have an energy card discarded from them.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Typhlosion is a stage 2 Pokemon card, you'll first have to get Cyndaquil into play and then evolve it into Quilava before you can evolve Quilava into Typhlosion, both of those Pokemon are from this set and I've reviewed both of them the last two days.  If you've read my reviews of those cards you'll know that I thought Cyndaquil was an average Basic Pokemon card, it had a solid HP and two good moves but on the other hand I thought Quilava was pretty poor having a below average HP and only one move that on the average didn't do much damage.  So knowing this about the first two Pokemon in this line and looking at this Typhlosion card, the main reason you'll want to use this card is for Massive Eruption and the potential to do up to 400 damage in one turn for only one energy card.  Of course this move isn't sustainable throughout the game since you have to discard so many cards to use it, but one or two times using this move is definitely not out of the question.  I also like Flare Destroy quite well, it can basically do 130 damage a turn every single turn if you attach a Burning Energy card to Typhlosion thus not ever having to actually discard an energy card, plus if you're going to wait awhile to get a Stage 2 Pokemon set up, using three energy cards to attack opposed to one isn't that big of a deal.  If you're building a fire type deck, I would highly recommend trying to incorporate this line into your deck with at least a 2-1-1 line of this family, more than likely setting it up on the bench first then putting it into the active Pokemon spot when Typhlosion is ready.  You'll want to make sure to have a way to get energy cards on the top of your deck and get energy cards from your discard pile back into your deck when using Typhlosion.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 5 out of 5 rating.  In my opinion this is an outstanding, extremely powerful Pokemon card, some would call it broken, from the BREAKthrough set.  This is a card that can do massive damage, up to 400 damage a turn and at a minimum 130 damage per turn.  So if you're looking for some power in your fire type deck, definitely don't skip over trying to fit this line into your deck.  Overall, I would give this line a 4 out of 5 rating, even though I gave Quilava a 1 rating, I think Typhlosion is just that good.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Typhlosion from the BREAKthrough set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Houndoom EX, which is from this same set.  Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

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What was the first English set to include Typhlosion as an ultra rare?
Please respond by including your YouTube username and link to your YouTube channel.  If the question is quite tough, the first correct comment will win, otherwise I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.


henry200002 said...

the first set was Heartgold & Soulsilver
my name on youtube is erivper

Kai Tung Ng said...

The first English expansion to include Typhlosion as an Ultra Rare was EX Sandstorm (Rare Holo ex: 99/100).

Kai Tung Ng

Cabal said...

The first English set to include Typhlosion as an ultra rare was EX Sandstorm (99/100, Rare Holo ex).


Vanessa Buda said...

EX Sandstorm


irshad kabeer said...

EX Sandstorm

Irshad Kabeer

irshad kabeer said...
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Daniel Chen said...

It was EX Sandstorm
Daniel Chen

Martin T said...

EX Sandstorm

Martin T

Emre Turkmen said...

the first to include Typhlosion as a ultra rare was EX Sandstorm

Giri Venkatesh said...

First include Typhlosion as a ultra rare was EX Sandstorm

Giri Venkatesh

Chasista said...

EX Sandstorm as the 1st

EX Sandstorm