Pokemon Card Trading Forum

This page shows the Pokemon cards I am willing to trade for, the cards I have up for trade, as well as how to go about trading with me.

Guidelines for Trading with Me:
  • Please look below for the cards I am looking for in trade, these are the only cards I'm willing to trade for.
  • All cards I would like in trade must be in mint condition, otherwise if I get a non mint condition card I will have to send the card back and no longer trade with the person who sent the card.
  • I am only willing to trade with people who live in the United States, unfortunately I've had too much trouble trying to ship things internationally.
  • All people who would like to trade with me must message me on YouTube with the card(s) they would like to trade (make sure it is a card from my wants list) and the cards they are looking to trade for.  Please include these two lists of cards in all messages to me on YouTube when discussing a trade.
  • If we do agree on a trade, you must send the cards first.  When I receive them I will then send you your cards.  It may take me a few weeks to get the cards you want back to you, but they will be sent.
  • Finally, if you have any questions related to my wants, the cards I have up for trade, or how to go about trading with me, feel free to message me on YouTube, I'll always respond.
My Wants:
Up for trade:
  • Tons of Pokemon TCG Online Code Cards
  • Any of the Pokemon cards in my collection besides the ones in my wants list and Gold Star or Shining Cards, here is my latest Rare Pokemon Card Collection video.
  • Many old school ex and holo cards.
Hopefully we can work out a trade, please remember to contact me on YouTube if you'd like to trade, but before contacting me make sure that you have one of the cards from my wants list, if you don't, unfortunately I am not looking to trade.  I will try and update this page as I want more cards and I add more cards to my collection.