Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Dragonite ex (EX Dragon)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dragonite ex out of the EX Dragon set, this is my first ex card I am reviewing so I thought I would include what the definition of an ex card is so that people who aren't sure what it is may know and then they can tell the difference between an ex, lv. x, and prime card. Also I was thinking about having a glossary type section on my blog to define key cards or concepts so you could easily look these things up so if you aren't sure what things do you could just look there, you should give me some feedback if you think I should do this. So this is Bulbapedia's definition of ex cards (this definition and summary is quite long so I made the text smaller so if you already know all about ex cards you can just skip to my review further below):

Pokémon-ex are a variant of Pokémon found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They first appeared in the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion. The ex in the name stands for extra, as indicated by a wide range of attacks that have some sort of additional effect on Pokémon-ex. For example, in the EX Deoxys expansion, there is a Grumpig card which possesses an attack called "Extra Ball", which deals additional damage if used against a Pokémon-ex. The major difference between Pokémon-ex and other types of Pokémon is that when a Pokémon-ex is Knocked Out, two prize cards are taken, as opposed to the standard one. To compensate for this downside, Pokémon-ex are significantly stronger than other types of Pokémon. In the EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion, Pokémon-ex were basic Pokémon with relatively powerful attacks; however, in following expansions, they had taken on a number of other traits. Pokémon-ex may have up to two Weaknesses or Resistances and a Retreat Cost of up to five. Before the Diamond & Pearl Great Encounters expansion, Wailord ex had the title of the most HP--200 HP; although now tied with Wailord in the Great Encounters series. Previously cards had a limit of 120 HP, Pokémon-ex ignored this rule and had up to 200 HP. Additionally, Pokémon-ex are immune to certain effects: for example, their Poké-Bodies are not deactivated by cards such as Space Center from EX Deoxys, but they are also excluded from the benefits of certain cards, such as Sitrus Berry from EX Unseen Forces, which cannot be attached to them. There are also certain cards that only affect Pokémon-ex, nearly always negatively. The most well known example would be Desert Ruins from EX Hidden Legends, which requires each player to put a damage counter on each of their Pokémon-ex with a maximum HP of 100 or more between turns. Being a Pokémon-ex affects a Pokémon's name: for example, Blissey cannot evolve from Chansey ex. However, in EX Unseen Forces, Blissey ex had text allowing it to evolve from either Chansey or Chansey ex. This also occured with Scizor ex. However, Rocket's Scizor ex is only capable of evolving from Rocket's Scyther ex, not Rocket's Scyther. Many attacks, Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies on Pokémon-ex are similar or identical in effect to those found on previous cards of the same species, allowing players to continue using popular strategies and tactics while avoiding the need to reprint cards.

Sorry about the long summary of ex cards, now that I think about it I really should post that summary of terms page. So now to the Dragonite ex review, first off Dragonite ex has 150 hp which is quite good for a Stage 2 Pokemon but for an ex card could be a little higher, I looked at the other stage 2 Pokemon ex cards in the EX Dragon set and the other cards were all 150 hp except for the Golem which was 160 hp. Dragonite does have a x2 weakness to colorless type Pokemon which are quite prevalent, but there at least aren't any very powerful colorless type Pokemon to really worry about inflicting great damage on Dragonite. I like the fact that Dragonite ex has two resistance types, it has -30 resistance to both grass and fighting Pokemon and also that Dragonite's retreat cost is only 1 colorless energy makes it very easy to retreat Dragonite ex in case it gets in trouble. Now on to Dragonite's Poke-Power which is called Call for Power which lets you as often as you like to move an energy card attached to one of your Pokemon to Dragonite ex, this Power complements nicely Dragonite's move Dragon Wave which for two energies, one Electric, one Water do 70 hp damage, the only downfall to the move is that you have to discard 1 of each energy after each use, but by using Dragonite's Poke-Power you can easily have enough energy to do this move on a consistent basis. Dragonite's other move is Giant Tail which does 120 damage for 4 colorless energy cards, but you have to flip a coin and get a heads to even do this move, but at least you don't have to discard any energy to use this move, but at the same time you only have a 50/50 chance of doing any damage to your opponent's active Pokemon. As far as strategy goes I would try and get Dragonite ex onto your bench as soon as possible so you can start loading it with energy cards, and make sure you have supporters/trainers in your deck which allow you to find your energy cards in your deck or discard pile. As far as moves go I would use Dragon Wave more often than Giant Tale just because of the 100% hit factor of the move and by using Dragon Wave twice which will take 4 energy cards total it will do 20 more hp damage than just using Giant Tale once, which takes the same amount of energy. I would only use Giant Tale at the end of the game if you need some miracles to win the game, or you don't have any energy left besides the four on Dragonite ex and you have more than 1 of your opponent's Pokemon to knock out still. But I would definitely try and use this card in a water/electric type deck of mine, just beware that if this card is knocked out your opponent will get to Prize Cards but at least you can retreat this card easily if it is close to being knocked out, but definitely take a look at this card if you need a good water deck and you can use these older cards. So thanks for reading this review and if you have any suggestions for cards I should review make sure and tell me in the comments. And make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's review which will be on Rayquaza C Lv. X.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Gengar Lv. X (Arceus)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Gengar Lv. X out of the Arceus set, here is another one of those cards where the Pokemon looks like it is coming out of the card and I really like these designs, and it also makes Gengar look really crazy, like a powerful Psychic Pokemon should. Off the bat I'll look at Gengar's Hp which is 140 which is really good considering it's weakness it x2 to dark Pokemon and there really aren't too many dark Pokemon out there. Its resistance of -20 to normal Pokemon is really nice because about every deck I've seen, there is always one normal Pokemon just to get things started so it won't be very effective on this Gengar. I like Gengar's Poke-Power Level Down which says that every turn you may de-evolve your opponent's Level X Pokemon and put that Level X card back into your opponent's deck. It's surprising that you can actually do this Poke-Power every turn, I would have thought that this power would have only been able to be used when you evolved Gengar into Gengar Lv. X. Gengar Lv. X's only move Compound Pain does 30 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon that already has damage counters on it and it does this for only 3 energy cards, 2 psychic and 1 colorless. This is a really good way to knock out many Pokemon at once. As far as strategy goes I would definitely want to get Gengar Lv. X onto my bench as soon as possible so I could use its Poke-Power Level Down, but I wouldn't want to make Gengar my active Pokemon until I get some damage on my defending Pokemon, so I would include in my deck a Pokemon that has a move that does something like 10 hp damage to all your opponent's Pokemon, as long as it does damage to all your opponent's Pokemon that's all you need to make Gengar Lv. X very powerful, and basically able to knock out any basic Pokemon on your opponent's bench in two moves. Even though Gengar Lv. X does have 140 Hp which is really nice, just in case you get in trouble it has a free retreat cost which is very nice, so instead of having it feint you can retreat it back to your bench and still make sure your opponent can't use any Lv. X cards against you. So I really like this card and if I were to make a Psychic deck I would definitely use this card, especially if you were doing a spread damage type deck, even if you aren't using a Psychic Deck you may want to consider Gengar Lv. X for its Poke-Power alone. So thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's card which will be my first ex review and it will be on Dragonite ex from the ex Dragon set.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I thought I better write some stuff other than Pokemon tonight, I've been pretty busy on break from school since I'm at home now. Actually I think I didn't wake up until about 11:00 this morning and at 11:30 I went to eat at a Chinese Buffet and then when I was done there my dad and I went by a few used car dealerships because my younger brother was looking for cars when he was home for Spring Break and when we were looking I found a car that I really liked and it was a very good bargain too, so I ended up taking it for a test drive and then going to my bank and talking about taking out a loan for the car and I ended up getting the loan, since my credit score was good, even though I didn't even think I had any credit, but anyways since I had such good credit I could get a low interest rate on my loan so I ended up getting a loan at 9% interest and they loaned me $6000 so I went down to the car dealership and I brought the guy there down from $7995 to $6500 for my first car, I was so excited and I love my car already it looks cool and I love driving it. I bought a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT, it is white, with a leather interior, chrome rims, sun roof, and CD player and it only has 43,000 miles on it, so it will be lasting me awhile. This is actually my first ever car, even though I'm 21 years old, I got my license like a week after I turned 16 but I just never had the desire to get my own car, so I just drove my parent's cars around whenever they weren't using them, but I decided to get one now because pretty soon during the summer I'll have to find a job and my other brother will have to find a job as well as my dad so that's 3 vehicles we need and we only had 2 total and my mom had to use 1 of them all the time, so I decided to buy this car, and like I said I love it. A friend of mine works for a place that installs car audio/video systems and he said that he would install a new sound system into the vehicle so I'll have to save up my money and buy a good amplifier, cd deck, and a couple of 12 inch subs to put in my car. And I haven't checked how much it is to bring my car to school with me but I might bring it back to college with me now if it doesn't cost more than a hundred dollars since school is almost over, but more than likely I'll bring it to school all year next year, so I don't have to walk miles and miles if I want to eat somewhere else besides the school, or if I want to go to Target to see if they have new Pokemon cards. But I've been answering comments on here, YouTube, and Facebook for the past hour and a half and it's already 11:30 so I better be getting to bed, make sure you read my Feraligatr Prime review if you haven't done so and stay tuned for my Gengar Lv. X review tomorrow, and I will either be uploading my first Heart Gold/Soul Silver pack opening tomorrow or Wednesday, whenever I can find time, but I'll just let you know I got an awesome pull in that tin, so make sure to check that out on YouTube when I upload it, sorry for writing so much but like I said I'm just super excited about getting my first car, so this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Feraligatr Prime (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Feraligatr Prime from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set, this is the first Prime card I am reviewing so I thought I would just explain what a Prime card is first before reviewing the card. According to Bulbapedia the definition of a Prime card is as followed: Pokémon Prime are a variant of Pokémon found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They first appeared in HeartGold & SoulSilver as one of two replacement variants for Pokémon LV.X. Pokémon Prime differ to other variant Pokémon in that they have no specific ruling or mechanic affecting their use: they are regularly classified as either Basic Pokémon, Stage 1 Pokémon or Stage 2 Pokémon and retain their regular names. The only difference, in terms of gameplay, is that they are considerably more powerful than their regular counterparts. Their card designs are also slightly different to others and, as with other considerably rarer cards, have a holographic border and name. So now that you know what Prime cards are I'll get on with the review, as a stage 2 Pokemon Feraligatr has average to above average Hp with 140. Its weakness of x2 to grass Pokemon is pretty normal and its retreat cost of 3 colorless energy is very high. Now onto its Poke-Power Rain Dance which is really valuable and makes this a very powerful card. Rain Dance says that you may attach a water energy from your hand to any one of your water Pokemon in play as much as you like, so when you have Feraligatr in play you can pretty much power up as many water Pokemon as you want as long as Feraligatr Prime doesn't feint. It's only move Hydro Crunch does does 60 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon for 4 water energy cards. I really like this move, even though the cost to use it is very high, by using Rain Dance and having supporter/trainer cards in your deck to get a lot of energy cards into your hand very quickly you can easily get 4 energy cards on Feraligatr Prime. Plus in two moves Feraligatr can do 180 damage to the defending Pokemon which will knock out a bunch of your opponent's Pokemon. So as far as strategy goes I would want to get Feraligatr Prime as your active Pokemon as soon as possible and at the same time get as many energy cards into your hand as soon as possible so that you can use Hydro Crunch and wipe out all your opponent's Pokemon. So after reviewing my first Pokemon Prime card I would say if you have a water deck to definitely include Feraligatr Prime because it will wreak havoc on your opponent's Pokemon. So thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Gengar Lv. X.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Porygon-Z Lv. X (Majestic Dawn)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Porygon-Z Lv. X from the Majestic Dawn set, I actually pulled this card when I opened my 180 booster packs on YouTube. At the time I didn't think it was a very good lv. X but now once I've actually looked at the card I realized it is a pretty decent card, just because it doesn't have any physical attacks doesn't mean the card isn't any good. Before I start on the basics of the card I like how the shiny part of the card behind Porygon-Z is gold, I like that gold tint more than the usual silver tint on these Lv. X cards. First off for a stage 2 Lv. X card I think its hp of 130 should have been higher but at least it isn't too low where it could get knocked out on average in two moves. A 2x weakness to fighting, no resistance, and a two colorless energy retreat costs are also downfalls to this card, but the Poke-Powers make up for it. Porygon-Z's first Poke-Power Mode Crash says that once you evolve Porygon-Z into Porygon-Z Lv. X you may discard all your opponents special energy cards. This Poke-Power would be very useful if you were battling a Pokemon like Lugia Legend where its only attack uses more than 2 types of energy and must use special energy cards to perform the move. Porygon-Z's other Poke-Power is Decode which you can use every turn and lets you search your deck for any two cards, reshuffle your deck and then place those two cards you pulled out on the top of your deck. Now for the strategy concerning Porygon-Z Lv. X, I would never actually move this card to be your active Pokemon but I would try and get it onto your bench as soon as possible so you can use its Poke-Power Decode as soon as possible to set up your powerful Pokemon in your deck, you can search for evolution cards, energy, or trainer/supporter cards. If you aren't able to play Porygon right away you can then take advantage of its first Poke-Power Mode Crash preventing your opponent from using special energy cards to propel their attacks. If you get lucky enough to face an opponent who uses Pokemon that need more than 1 or 2 types of energy to attack you will really benefit from this Poke-Power. But like I was saying you would definitely not want to try and use Porygon-Z Lv. X as a primary attacker unless there is a Porygon-Z card out there that does a good move then you can utilize those moves since this Lv. X card has 130 hp so it will allow it to last a fare while. But overall I really wouldn't use this Pokemon, I'm more of an offensive player, but if you need something to get the cards you need really quickly and you don't want to use trainers/supporters or Claydol this Porygon-Z Lv. X card is a perfect match for you. So thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review which will be of Feraligatr from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow today's almost already over, I've been doing Pokemon all day today, I opened all those packs and tins and blister packs and everything else that I said that I got in an earlier post today, and I was actually really happy with the pulls I got from them. I'll be posting a video a week for quite awhile now, I will be starting with my Feraligatr tin on YouTube and I'll be uploading it on Wednesday and probably start uploading some free card videos on Monday. I just got done getting my holo collection back together again and I guess I have 804 total Holo, Lv. X, Prime, Legend, and ex cards, so I'll be making that video some time this week, and I might even be making an entire collection video this week too if I can organize all my cards. I'm actually watching some more basketball again tonight, not college this time but the Minnesota High School boys state basketball tournament, I was watching St. Paul Johnson vs. Grand Rapids earlier, my high school team actually played St. Paul Johnson both years I was on Varsity so that was pretty exciting to watch and they ended up winning state too. Now I'm watching Hopkins vs. St. Cloud Tech and Hopkins is blowing St. Cloud out, which they should be. Other than that I guess I went grocery shopping with my family today and went to a local sporting good's store and did some pull ups in there lol. But I'm feeling pretty tired so look forward to my Porygon Z lv. X review tomorrow and if you have any questions for me or suggestions of cards to review let me know by posting a comment on this post. Alright, this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Lugia Legend (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Today's Pokemon of the Day is Lugia Legend from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set, I know I said I was going to review Porygon Z Lv. X today but opening all my HGSS packs today got me too excited and I couldn't wait any longer to review this card, just because it is the rarest you can get in the set. So first off just in case you don't know how to play this Legend card, you have to have both cards in your hand before you can put this Pokemon on your bench, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong that you can use regular trainers and supporters to find this card in your deck, by this card I mean either the top or bottom half, and once you combine these two halves, this Lugia Legend card is played exactly like any other Pokemon card out there. Now on to the review of the card. First off Lugia's Hp of 130 is pretty good for basically a basic Pokemon or a stage 1 Pokemon depending on how you consider having two cards be one Pokemon, but stage 1 or basic 130 hp is really good. A retreat cost of only 1 colorless energy is also really good for a Pokemon of this strength, a x2 weakness to electric Pokemon may be troublesome but 130 hp will last awhile against those type of Pokemon especially if they aren't stage 2. A -20 hp resistance to fighting Pokemon is okay but it really doesn't do too much for Lugia since it has such a high Hp. Lugia Legend's Poke-Power is very interesting, its power called Ocean Grow says that once you play Lugia Legend that you should take the first five cards off the top of your deck and attach each energy card you find there to Lugia, but discard the ones that are not. This could be a good and bad move since you may have important cards that you are forced to discard and therefore will need to add supporters/trainers to your deck that allow you to search your discard pile for cards you need if you want to use Lugia's Poke-Power. But at the same time Lugia's Poke-Power is very could because it could potentially add 5 energy cards to Lugia at the same time and its only move Elemental Blast takes 3 energies, 1 fire, 1 water, and 1 electric, and you must discard all three when you perform Elemental Blast which is very powerful and does 200 hp damage. As far as strategy is concerned with this card since Lugia needs 3 different types of energy to perform Elemental Blast I would make sure that your deck includes 1 or 2 of these different energies and also to use 4 each of multi-energy, double-colorless, and rainbow energy in your deck to account for the wide variety of energy types needed to perform Elemental Blast. I would wait later in the game too, to play Lugia Legend, I would try and build it up as much as possible on your bench before you make Lugia your active Pokemon, because Elemental Blast with do one hit knock outs on just about every Pokemon out there so if you have enough energy cards attached to Lugia you should be able to sweep your opponent with Lugia alone because Lugia should be able to withstand at least 2 or 3 stage 2 Pokemon's attacks because of its high hp. Also in your deck I would include besides the trainers to retrieve cards from you discard pile but trainers to retrieve energy cards from your deck as well. Overall I think this Lugia Legend card could be very powerful if used right and I'm glad they included this card in the HGSS set. Stay tuned for tomorrow's review where I will for sure be doing Porygon Z Lv. X from Majestic Dawn.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I still haven't opened any of the Pokemon stuff I have at home and I have a lot of it, I spent this evening once I got home setting up my PS3, laptop, and also getting my room back to normal, then I decided to watch some more NCAA basketball again, I'm watching the Northern Iowa Michigan State game now and Michigan state is about by 4 with 11:33 left in the second half. I was going to do those Pokemon openings tonight but the lighting wouldn't be good and it would have taken me a long time to do and people would probably start going to sleep in my house and I wouldn't have been able to keep all the lights on to film. So I will definitely start opening the packs tomorrow and I will post the video at the beginning of this week.
These are the things I have to open:
Feraligatr Tin
Meganium Tin
Typhlosion Tin
Arceus Lv. X Tin
Lucario Promo Tin
Ho-oh Poster Pack
Lugia Poster Pack
Pikachu Blister Pack
Wobuffet Blister Pack
Platinum Premium Box
Celebi Promo Pack
4 Packs of HG/SS
3 Pack of ex Dragon Frontiers
Noctowl Promo Pack

Any suggestions for the video I should post first?

plus I have like 15 packages of free cards through the mail to open up

Pokemon Card of the Day: Absol G Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Absol G Lv. X from the Supreme Victors set. Like other stage 1 lv. x cards it has only 100 hp which is pretty low but about average for these types of cards. Its weakness of x2 to fighting type Pokemon could pose a big problem especially since Absol only has 100 hp. Its resistance of -20 to Psychic Pokemon is beneficial since Gengar is a heavily used Pokemon and Absol's retreat cost of one colorless energy isn't bad at all so you can easily retreat if you are getting close to fainting. Absol's Poke-Power is the first card I've done that involves the lost zone, I looked this up on Bulbapedia just to make sure I knew exactly what this was and the definition of the lost zone is as follows: The Lost Zone is an area considered to be a more advanced form of the discard pile. Unlike cards in the discard pile, cards moved to the Lost Zone are kept face-up and are considered to be "outside" the play area due to the fact they are not kept on the playmat if one is used. As such, cards moved to the Lost Zone are no longer considered to be in play, and cannot be retrieved at any time, or by any means, during gameplay. So Absol's Poke-Power Darkness Send does the following when you put Absol G Lv. X on Absol G you may flip 3 coins and for each coin that is a heads you move the top card of your opponent's deck to the Lost Zone. This is actually a really good Poke-Power because if you happen to move one of your opponent's most important Pokemon or supporter/trainer cards to the Lost Zone your opponents strategy for his deck could be ruined. Absol's only move Darkness Slugger does 30 damage plus 30 more damage if you want to discard an energy when you perform this move, which is actually a good move since most moves that do 60 hp damage cost more than 2 energy cards. So I would definitely discard the energy to get 30 more damage. I have not really been pulled in by this Lost Zone idea so I don't really have any strategy for this card, but if you did want to get your opponent's best Pokemon into the Lost Zone I would try and evolve Absol as soon as possible because if you wait until later in the game more than likely your opponent will have already searched their deck for their most important cards and have them in play or still have them in their hand. Other than that I'm really not too impressed by this Lv. X card and I wouldn't use it in any deck I would make. But if you need a Pokemon to use the Lost Zone and are already using a Dark Pokemon deck, Absol G Lv. X could be for you. So thanks for reading and tomorrow I will be reviewing Porygon Z Lv. X.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's almost spring break and I'm so excited, I finished all my homework for tomorrow so all I have to do is sit through 2 classes and I'm free for over a week and I can finally get to open my HG/SS booster packs, tins, and poster packs that I've bought. For some reason it won't let me post comments on my posts in response to what others have written, so I'll be home tomorrow and try from my home computer if I can't figure out how to respond to the comments. Whenever I hit respond it says I have to sign in then when I sign in it goes to the comment page and I comment and then the page just refreshes and doesn't post anything and says I need to log in again. Besides having trouble with my blog I'm just watching NCAA basketball again tonight on CBS, I just got done watching number 5 Butler knock off number 1 seed Syracuse, that game was pretty exciting and then I was watching Washington lose to West Virginia and that game seemed like a circus to me, the refs wouldn't call any fouls and then one team would turn the ball over and then the other team would turn it over again right away. Speaking of bad basketball teams, my favorite basketball NBA basketball team the Minnesota Timberwolves have lost 13 games in a row and are on the verge of setting the franchise record for worst season record, at least they will get a good pick in the upcoming draft and either draft John Wall or Evan Turner. Well I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow and also doing the Absol Lv. X review on here, so I'll be blogging from home tomorrow and hopefully my blog commenting won't be misbehaving, so this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out, talk to you all tomorrow.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Leafeon (Majestic Dawn)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Leafeon Lv. X. After looking at this card I see it has loads of potential, first off I notice it has 10 more hp then Glaceon Lv. X which only has 100 hp. But Leafeon has a weakness of +30 to fire which could be very crucial late in the game since fire decks are so prevalent and like normal grass Pokemon it has a -20 resistance to water Pokemon. Now that I'm at the bottom of the card I might as well mention the retreat cost which is two colorless energy which in my opinion is very steep for only a stage 1 lv. x but I guess Leafeon's Poke-Power contributes to this high retreat cost since you can move more than 1 energy card to Leafeon each turn. So onto Leafeon's amazing Poke-Power which is called Energy Forcing and says that once during your turn you may attach an energy card from your hand to any one of your Pokemon, so in reality you can attach two energies per turn. This Poke-Power then works really well with its only move which is Verdant Dance which does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for all the energy cards attached to all your Pokemon. Now onto my favorite part of the review the strategy part. I would try and get Leafeon Lv. X in play as soon as possible so you can use it's Poke-Power for as long as possible, and along with Leafeon Lv. X I would include either a Pokemon (Claydol) or supporter/trainer that allows you to get energies into your hand very quickly so that you can attach 2 energy cards per turn and by doing this you can build up Pokemon cards on your bench that need a lot of energy to execute. So if you had a high hp card that was a basic Pokemon I would try and play that as your active Pokemon right away so you can get a lot of energy cards built up on the rest of your Pokemon while you are stalling with your active Pokemon and then once that Pokemon is knocked out or you decide to retreat it I would put in Leafeon Lv. X and use Verdant Dance which could easily do 60 hp each time and the more energy cards you have out the better. So I would also try and make sure my bench was full as soon as possible so I could spread my energy cards out equally so that I don't have too many energies on one card when it only needs 3 energies to do its max move anyways. What I would try to do, but it would be mean, would be to save Leafeon Lv. X until you have almost all your energy cards in your deck in play and just use Verdant Dance every time doing like 130 damage every turn and knocking out your opponent's Pokemon one after another. The only hard thing about saving Leafeon would be making sure that you have enough Pokemon left in your deck to put on your bench and actually then attach energy cards to, because if you just attach all your energy cards to Leafeon you will definitely lose the game if somehow Leafeon gets knocked out. But all in all Leafeon Lv. X is a very exciting card and if played right can be very dominate. Stay tuned for tomorrow's review which will be of Absol Lv. X. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or suggestions make sure and comment on this post.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can't believe today's already over I've been really busy all day long, at least when I wasn't sleeping. All I had to do today was study for my Economic Development test tomorrow but then when I tried to go on the website I needed to review the powerpoints from class I couldn't log in because I guess my password had expired which was weird because it still let me log into my email. And then once I changed my password I had to wait 30 minutes to go on the site I needed and then when I finally did get on the site I needed all the powerpoints I needed weren't there so I had to email my professor and ask him if he could include those on the website. So now it's already 9 here and I'm really tired and have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning so it looks like I'll just be studying tomorrow before my test I should have enough time since I get done with work at 10 and my test doesn't start until 2:15, I should be okay but I would have liked to have been more prepared by test day. I did post a new video on YouTube today it is opening a Jolteon Promo Pack
and I actually got a good pull for once. Make sure to also check out the Glaceon Lv. X review I did today and I'm going to be doing the Leafeon Lv. X card from Majestic Dawn tomorrow. I only have 2 days until Spring Break and I'm pretty pumped actually my last class on Friday was cancelled so Spring Break comes an hour sooner for me. After this test tomorrow and a help session Thursday night I should be free for the rest of the day and all the way until I come back to school. I can't wait to be opening some more Pokemon cards. I actually haven't opened any for about 2 months since I made a bunch of videos before I left and just posted one every week so I would stay active on my channel. I'm probably going to go to bed though, so this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Glaceon Lv. X (Majestic Dawn)

Today's Pokemon of the Day is Glaceon Lv. X out of the Majestic Dawn set, I will actually be doing Leafeon Lv. X tomorrow as the Pokemon Card of the Day so make sure and check that out too. The first thing I noticed when I was looking at this Glaceon card is its unique Poke-Body, Chilly Breath which says that as long as Glaceon is you Active Pokemon, your opponent's Pokemon can't use any Poke-Powers, this is such a great Poke-Body to have because even though it doesn't effect other Pokemon damage-wise it greatly limits your opponents opportunities to utilize their Pokemon Poke-Powers. For example it would take Claydol from Great Encounters out of the game, since many people use this Claydol card to go through their deck quickly and get the cards they need, without Claydol's Poke-Power, the card would be useless, this is just one example of how effective Glaceon's Poke-Body could be, there are endless possibilities to the damage you an do to your opponent by eliminating all their Poke-Powers. Glaceon's only move Avalanche which does 70 hp damage to your opponents Pokemon and if you flip a coin and get heads it does 20 damage to each of your opponent's benched Pokemon for only 3 energies, 2 water and 1 colorless is a pretty good move, especially since you don't have to discard any energy or anything when you do this move and if Glaceon is able to survive more than 3 attacks it could knock out a lot of the Pokemon on your opponents bench if they are basic and you flip 3 heads in a row which you have a probability of 1 in 8 chances to do. Glaceon's hp of 100 could be better I know Leafeon's hp is 10 more but I think Glaceon's Poke-Body definitely makes up for its low hp. It's weakness of +30 to metal is pretty severe but there aren't too many metal type Pokemon out there so you shouldn't have to worry about that that much, and it's retreat cost is only one colorless energy and since you never have to discard energy from Glaceon Lv. X if you get in trouble you should be able to retreat it easily. If I were to use Glaceon Lv. X in my deck I would want to get Glaceon Lv. X onto my bench as fast as possible so you can use it's Poke-Body and greatly diminish your opponents game play and when you do have Glaceon as your active Pokemon 2 attacks with Avalanche should knock out most Pokemon. So that's all I have to say about Glaceon Lv. X from Majestic Dawn, stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Leafeon Lv. X from the Majestic Dawn set as well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's been a pretty easy day today, I was pretty busy this morning and afternoon but after my hour help session from 4-5 I've pretty much taken the day easy. I ate some hoison chicken breasts for supper which were pretty good then I got back to my room and answered stuff on facebook, youtube, and on here and then I decided to rest a little while. When I got done with my nap I decided to watch the movie Money Talks again, it is a really good movie if you've never seen it before the synopsis on the back of the DVD says this: Brace yourself for the most explosive action comedy since 48 HRS, and Lethal Weapon when Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen team up for trouble in Money Talks. A jailbreak accidentally sets fast-talking ticket hustler Franklin Hatchet (Christ Tucker) on the run for murder. Now the whole city is on his tail and only reporter James Russel (Charlie Sheen) can clear his name. Together they're caught in a hilarious crossfire between the cops, crooks and commandos trying to retrieve a fortune in diamonds. Also starring Heather Locklear, and Paul Sorvino for a full-scale assault of comedy and mayhem. So if you've seen any of the Rush Hour movies or ever watched the T.V. show Two and a Half men I would definitely recommend this movie to you. I could have actually continued studying for an Economic Development test I have on Thursday but I felt too lazy, the weather's too nice outside so it makes me want to do nothing, as well as the fact spring break is this Friday it's getting really hard to concentrate on school right now when I really want to be taking it easy and opening all the new Pokemon cards I've bought recently. So make sure you stay tuned for my Pokemon Card of the Day tomorrow, I'm going to do Glaceon from Majestic Dawn so look forward to that. This is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Raichu Lv. X (Stormfront)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Raichu Lv. X from the Stormfront set, I'm doing this review on account of dade7117's request once again. If you have requests for reviews make sure to comment on this post and tell me what to review. So today we have another Lv. X card this time it's Raichu, the first thing I notice about this level x card that is especially rare for more powerful cards is that it has no retreat cost which is very nice so you can retreat without losing any energy. It's hp of 110 could be a little bit better, I wished it would have been at least 120 but you can still retreat for no cost if you do get into any trouble since its hp is a little lower than wanted. On to Raichu's Poke-Body which is called Link Lightning, this says that when you put Raichu Lv. X onto Raichu and use Voltage shoot right after that you can attack again once you get done using Voltage Shoot, so this basically means the first time you use Raichu Lv. X you can attack twice. And this Poke-Body goes along really nicely with its only move Voltage Shoot which does 80 damage to anyone of you opponents Pokemon you choose, the only downside to the move being that you have to discard the 2 electric energy that were needed to complete the move, all you're left with on Raichu is one random colorless energy. So my strategy for this card would be to once again wait a little while into the game before actually putting Raichu Lv. X on top of Raichu so you can use its Poke-Body, that way if your opponent has a really strong active Pokemon and you have enough energy you can do 160 hp damage to the Pokemon and more than likely knock it out. If your opponents Pokemon isn't very strong you can always knock out one of it's bench Pokemon if they have any basic Pokemon on their bench and then inflict a significant amount of damage on another one of their Pokemon with the second attack of Voltage Shoot. In the case you don't have more than 3 energy on Raichu Lv. X you can always do a move from the Raichu underneath the Raichu Lv. X if there is a move applicable with only 1 colorless energy. Raichu's resistance of +20 to metal probably won't do too much for it since Metal Pokemon aren't too popular, its x2 weakness to fighting might be a problem though especially since it already has farely low hp for a lv. x. All in all this card is good, I especially like how you can attack twice in one turn, this can be very damaging to your opponent and it might be the final push you need to win the game. So thanks for reading my Raichu Lv. X review, tomorrow I will be reviewing some Eevee evolution card, I'm not sure which one yet, any suggestions? Again thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more reviews tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I thought I better write a quick something on here before I went to bed, I haven't been too busy today but just had to study for a test from 5-7 and then watched some of my favorite shows again on CBS from 7-9. I really am liking doing the Pokemon Card of the Day everyday, I need more suggestions for cards though, I only have the Raichu Lv. X for tomorrow and then I'll have to choose what card to review if no one gives me any suggestions. I think my poll is ending tonight or it already has I'm not sure, so I will be posting a new poll tomorrow about what type of Pokemon you like to battle with the most. I have to get up to supervise the cafeteria again tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning so that will be a real treat lol, I'm used to waking up early though I've been doing it all semester. I can't wait for my spring break though which is this Friday, and then I'll be able to open a lot more booster packs and finally open the HG/SS stuff I bought as well as an older Lucario Tin, and Arceus Tin and I think 4 packs of ex Dragon Frontiers, I'm hoping to pull that Charizard star card that I have on my YouTube page. Sorry for the short blog but I'm going to get to bed early so I'm not too tired tomorrow, I can' wait to do that card review tomorrow and remember if you have any ideas of what card I should review please comment on this post and tell me. This is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out for tonight, talk to you all tomorrow.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Charizard G Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Charizard G Lv. X out of the Supreme Victors set, I am doing this card on account of dade7117's request. First off I think the artwork on this card is pretty awesome, I like how the flames are going right off of the page. I was always looking forward to a Charizard Lv. X card, in a way I wish it would have been a normal Charizard Lv. X but at least we got some type of Lv. X. I actually have quite a few of these Lv. X cards in my collection, unlike the Charizard ex card which I don't have any and I bought a lot of the FireRed LeafGreen packs to try and get one too. So this card is basically a stage 1 Pokemon because Charizard G is a basic Pokemon and also is available in this Supreme Victors set. Charizard's hp of 120 is pretty good for a stage 1 Pokemon card and it reminds me of doing the base set 2 Charizard review the other day because that's hp was also 120. Charizard G's Poke-Power works nicely with it's only move on this card Malevolent Fire. It's Poke-Power says that as often as you like during your turn you may move one energy attached to one of your Pokemon to Charizard. Now this power works very well with Malevolent Fire which does a whopping 150 hp damage but it takes five energies to do so, and when you perform this move you have to flip a coin and if it is tails you have to discard all 5 energies. Before I go into my strategy for this card I'll point out it's weakness which is x2 to water, which could easily make Charizard liable to be knocked out in one move by a Stage 2 Water Pokemon that has a move that does 60 hp and I know 60 hp moves are pretty common on stage 2 Pokemon. For the strategy of playing this card I would want to be pretty far into the game before I try and make Charizard Lv. X my active Pokemon. I would do this for two reasons: The first being that Charizard's move needs 5 energies and that will take a long time to build up and I don't think Charizard will be able to survive if you just put it out there right away without any energy. Also I would wait to play Charizard later in the game because then you can build up energy on other Pokemon on your bench as well so when Charizard does become your active Pokemon you can use it's Poke-Power to get enough energy to use it's move right away. Another thing I would make sure I have in my deck would be some kind of supporter or trainer that allows you to retrieve cards from the discard pile because if you aren't lucky enough to flip heads when you use Malevolent Fire you'll be going through a lot of your deck really quickly. So all in all Charizard is an average card that with some luck could be pretty powerful but also takes up a lot of energy in doing so. That's all I have for this card, stay tuned for tomorrow's view which will be the Raichu Lv. X from Stormfront.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The weekend has went by way too fast, it seems like it should be Friday. The bad thing about it going by so fast is that I really didn't get anything done. All I did all weekend was watch the NCAA College Basketball game all day Saturday and all day today. There were some close games today so that was pretty exciting. Other than watching basketball I really didn't do much else, I guess I watched a tiny bit of the Minnesota Twins game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays but it was only spring training so I didn't watch it much. Just now I got back from doing a group meeting with my computer ethics group concerned with informed consent, we have to present to our class on what are plans are for data collection for the whole class period tomorrow, and we also had to plan out the rest of the school year for our group tonight. I'm pretty happy I only have 6 weeks of school left until summer, but than I'm going to have to find a full-time job for the summer and I'm definitely not looking forward to that. Sorry about all the complaining but I just don't have too much to say about anything else. I see Heart Gold/Soul Silver Legends comes out May 12th, looks like I'll have to wait about 2 weeks before I can open anything from that set too, since I don't get done with school until May 25th, but after I get done with school I know I'll be opening all kinds of stuff from the new set. I'm really getting into writing those Pokemon Card of the Day reviews so I'll definitely be writing one everyday for quite awhile since there are so many different cards to write about, I just wish I had more time so I could really do my research and analyze these cards really well to inform my followers the best, but I'll just have to do the best I can with what I know and the time I have. So once again I'll be doing the Charizard G Lv. X review tomorrow so look forward to that, otherwise I'll be blogging again tomorrow, so this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Claydol (Great Encounters)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Claydol out of the Great Encounters set, this card was recommended to me by a follower of mine on the blog here, named "thesavorytrim". First off this card is/was a very staple card in any serious player's deck. The reason for this is the Poke-Power of this card which says that: Once during your turn, you may choose up to 2 cards from your hand and put them on the bottom of your deck in any order. If you do, draw cards until you have 6 cards in your hand. This power can't be used if Claydol is affected by a Special Condition. So basically this card is used only for its Poke-Power since this card allows you to shuffle through your deck very quickly and do it every turn even as long as you have Claydol on your bench. So having 2 of these cards in your deck greatly reduces the number of Supporters and Trainers you will need to have in your deck to draw for cards or search your deck for specific cards. Besides Claydol's Poke-Power the rest of the card is pretty average, as a stage 1 Pokemon it would have been nice to have more than 80 hp, just 10 more hp and this card would have been much stronger, grass types are pretty prevalent and it has a +20 weakness to grass type Pokemon. If for some reason you have a fighting deck, Claydol's only move, Spinning Attack, is pretty decent for only two energy, one colorless, one fighting, which does 40 damage. But more than likely Claydol will be in a non-fighting deck just for its Poke-Power. So if you're looking for a good card to use in your deck, to search through your deck very quickly and being able to put cards you don't need from your hand back into your deck without having to discard them, Claydol is a must have card for you. So look forward to my Charizard Lv. X review tomorrow, and make sure if you have any cards for me to review, post them in the comments to this post, also if you want to see a list of previous cards I've reviewed check the discussion topics on the right side of my page and click on Pokemon Card of the Day List.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not too much new today, I just got done watching the number one seed in the NCAA basketball tournament Kansas lose to Northern Iowa I was pretty happy about that because I don't like Kansas at all, and I have Kentucky winning the tournament anyways. I actually bought some more Pokemon cards today, I walked down to Walgreens which is about a mile from my college and they had an old Pokemon tin there. They had a Lucario promo card tin for $9.99 which included 2 ex packs and 1 pack of D/P so I was pretty excited to see that since I haven't opened that before. After I went to Walgreens I walked a little further and had a couple of McChickens for supper and then on my way back to school I stopped at Kwik Trip and bought some chocolate milk and a lottery scratch game ticket and won $5 but I paid $5 for it so I didn't really win anything. I had a good time walking to Walgreens I tried cutting through a wooded area that was very steep and I started jogging down the hill and when I got down to the bottom there was a bunch of broken branches stuck in the ground and I tripped over one and fell on my back, good thing I was wearing my winter coat so it didn't hurt at all. I didn't notice until I took off my coat at McDonald's but I was super dirty on the back of my coat and looked like I had been playing in the mud lol. After I ate I went to the car dealership next door to look at some cars there since I want to save up my money this year and try and buy one at the end of the school year next year. I was looking at a really nice black Chrysler 300 with a hemi, chrome rims, leather seats, and tinted windows that was pretty sweet. If I was going to buy a car right now I would either buy a Chrysler 300(black car) or a Pontiac Grand Prix GT(red car), and then I would add a sound system to it. But my views could change but I like those two types of vehicles right now. But I think I'm going to go watch some more basketball, I'll be doing the Claydol card from Great Encounters tomorrow, this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Favorite Pokemon Card of All Time

I would like you to post what your favorite Pokemon card of all time is, this can be any card from any set, all you have to do is upload a picture of it, I actually get all the pictures of my cards from PokeBeach and then tell me why it is your favorite card. There are many reasons why it can be your favorite card, it could be because of the artwork, the moves it has, or you just have a good experience with the card. Just please explain why it's your favorite card.

My favorite card of all time would be the Shining Charizard card from Neo Destiny. There are many reasons for this being my favorite card, the first being that Charizard is my favorite Pokemon and the second being that I am obsessed with Shiny Pokemon, I remember when I used to play Pokemon Crystal, I searched for Shiny Pokemon for nearly 100 hours in the game and never found one. I just liked the idea of how Pokemon could be different colors than they were originally attended to be. And the Neo series was my favorite series of Pokemon cards because I really liked the new Pokemon they introduced during that set as well as the G/S/C series being my favorite games to play. I actually do have this card, I am very happy that I finally did get one, I actually got it for free from someone on YouTube which was really nice of them to give it to me for free. So I have this card at my house in a hard holder to make sure it stays in mint condition forever. My second favorite card would be the Charizard from ex Dragon Frontiers that I have on my YouTube page, the only reason it wasn't first is because I don't like how the cards from that set, specifically the holos aren't like the regular holos from just about every other set. But you've heard from me, now it's time to here from you. What is your favorite Pokemon card of all time?

Pokemon Card of the Day: Raichu (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Raichu from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set. I am doing this review on account of a follower of mine's request, he/she's username on my blog is: "goofy". To be honest I haven't opened any HGSS cards yet, but my first impression of this card is the artwork it is more of a cartoonish design, which I really don't mind. This Raichu has 90 hp which is pretty decent for a stage 1 Pokemon and has 2 moves that are both very good. Its first move Iron Tail is a move that does 30 damage times the number of heads you get when you're flipping a coin until you get a tails, the only bad thing about this move is that you might waste a turn by not being able to do any damage at all. But for only one colorless energy and a 50/50 chance of doing at least 30 hp damage to your opponents Pokemon, is definitely a good move to have. And with only 2 electric energies cards attached to Raichu you can do thunderbolt which does 100 hp damage to your opponents Pokemon, but it's only downfall is that you have to discard both energy cards attached to Raichu. So I've told you the two moves now I'll tell you my strategy about how to use them. First off, since Raichu is a stage 1 Pokemon and is going to be evolved from Pikachu more than likely when you get this card into play it will already have some energy cards attached to it, so I would use Thunderbolt as soon as I get Raichu into play to knock out one of your opponents Pokemon, and then once you knock out your opponents Pokemon, hopefully they don't have anything set up on their bench that is very powerful because I would have supporter cards in my hand to allow me to always have a lot of energy in my hand so that after I discard both energies from Raichu I can easily attach any energy to Raichu and perform Iron tail, and I only need two heads in a row to knock out most basic Pokemon. Another kind of supporter I would like to have is one that allows me to retrieve energy cards from my discard pile, since you'll be using Thunderbolt quite a bit, you will be discarding a lot of energies you will need later in the game. The only thing that I don't really like about this card is its resistance which is -20 to metal, I don't like this because there really aren't that many good metal Pokemon out there, so I don't think that resistance will do Raichu much good. So if you have any questions about this card, please make sure and comment and ask me about it. Thanks for reading, and this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just thought I would write a few things before I go to bed, I haven't done much at all today other than watch some NCAA basketball and eat some Domino's Pizza. The Gophers lost by 11 to Xavier, I watched the first half on CBS then I had to go to class so I couldn't watch the second half but I kept refreshing the score on the computer screen in my programming languages class. And then after my 3rd class of the day got over I watched the Wisconsin Wofford game and was rooting for Wofford since 3 of the starters on that team are from Minnesota and I actually played against their best player Noah Dahlman in high school, so I was rooting for them, besides I hate Wisconsin and every team in it, especially the Packers. Domino's was pretty tasty if you haven't had pizza there for awhile they changed their pizza completely and it is excellent, the crust tastes like breadsticks and the sauce is really good, plus me and my college roommate bought 2 medium 2 topping pizzas for $5.99 each so it was a good deal besides. I'll probably be watching a lot of college basketball all weekend long and then next weekend I know I will be watching the Minnesota State High School league boys state basketball tournament, I played basketball from 5th to 12th grade so I'm a big fan of basketball, especially the NBA and the Timberwolves even though they're not too great. I plan on reviewing the Raichu card from Heart Gold/Soul Silver tomorrow and I still can't wait to open all my HG/SS packs when I get home, I was just talking to my brother today who is at my home and he says there is a great big box full of the Pokemon cards I bought and I have a few things here I have to open too that I bought from Target, so I'm definitely looking forward to next weekend. Well, I'm actually watching the season-finale of Numb3rs online at right now, but as soon as that finishes I'm going to either go to bed or watch some basketball I haven't decided yet, so have a good night and until tomorrow, this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Arceus dark type (Arceus)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Arceus #AR1 out of the Arceus set. I am doing this on lilalindahouse's suggestion on my Facebook fan page. He only suggested that I do an Arceus card I was to choose which one and I chose the dark type because to me it seemed like the most powerful and the most useful. First off the artwork of the card is pretty sweet, I like the dark Pokemon's artwork usually. It is a basic Pokemon with 70 hp which is pretty good for a basic card. The only move that it has Prize Count which does 20 damage or 80 damage depending on if you have more prize cards left then your opponent. This move is very useful especially if you are losing towards the end of the game and need something to save you. As long as you had this card on your bench and have only two energies attached to it you can bring it in and start one-hit knocking-out your opponent's Pokemon. Even if your opponent has a stage 2 Pokemon out there like a Charizard, or Salamence, etc usually their Hp's aren't higher than 160 so more than likely you will be able to knock out their Pokemon in 2 moves. And Arceus's 70 hp will probably be able to withstand one move from an evolved Pokemon because their moves usually do 60 hp damage. So my strategy to get the most benefit out of this card would be to play another card first off in the battle, maybe one that needs to evolve to become stronger and if you can't evolve this card fast enough and it gets knocked out you can have this Arceus card built up on your bench and then bring it in and get at least 1 knock out or however many you need to equal the amount of Pokemon your opponent has already knocked out from you. So all in all this card is pretty good, especially for a basic Pokemon and a quick hitter which could become very important later in the game if you are losing. So thanks again lilalindahouse for suggesting I do this card today, and coming up in the next few days will be Claydol from Great Encounters and the Raichu from Heart Gold/Soul Silver, I will be doing these on account of suggestions, so if you have suggestions please tell me what you would like to see me review. Also tell me what I should do to make my card reviews better. Thanks, this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.
I'm having a pretty good day so far, I got done working out a little while ago, I did shoulders and triceps today, then I went to eat where they had calzones in the home line which were very tasty and now I just got done finishing my Programming Languages test and I'm getting ready to watch the Gophers Xavier game for about an hour before I go to class again. But I will be doing that Arceus card review later today, I still haven't gotten any comments on which Arceus card I should do but I will be able to post that later this afternoon/early evening.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a quick message before I go to bed, I'm going to do another Pokemon Card of the Day tomorrow and someone suggested on Facebook that I do an Arceus card, does anyone have any suggestions on which on I do? I'm thinking the dark type one, but I really haven't looked at all the different types yet. But I'm going to go to bed, I'm tired and have been working on homework all day, that really wears me out. So until tomorrow, PrimetimePokemon is out! Oh yeah if I have any NCAA basketball fans out there, I will be rooting for the Gophers to beat Xavier tomorrow at 11:25 ct on CBS. I actually have them losing in my bracket but I want my home state team to win a few games in the tournament. Good night.

Pokemon Card of the Day: Mr. Mime (Myserious Treasures)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Mr. Mime, which is a rare card from the Mysterious Treasures set. This was requested by HitmonRyan on my Armaldo card review. At least I hope this is the right card since he said it was a rare card from Great Encounters, hopefully he just mixed up the sets. What can I say about this card? For a basic Pokemon 70 Hp is pretty good the only downfall being that you can't evolve Mr. Mime into something, at least not yet. Its Poke-Body Airy Wall is very good. It says that if the defending Pokemon has two or less energy cards attached to it, any damage done to Mr. Mime by that Pokemon is nullified, and if Mr. Mime evolved from Mime Jr. all effects including damage are nullified. This is an excellent Poke-Body like I was saying, especially since Mr. Mime is a basic Pokemon so you can usually get it into play right away and have 4 of them in your deck and be able to attack the defending Pokemon before they get enough energy attached to them to attack Mr. Mime, if I was facing this card I would try and build up my bench Pokemon and just let my active Pokemon die in a few turns because if I tried to build up my active Pokemon when Mr. Mime would knock out that Pokemon all my bench Pokemon would be unprepared to battle Mr. Mime and it would just repeat the same thing of dying and replacing the Pokemon with one that has no energies attached to it and therefore can't attack Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime's only move Trick Play is a pretty risky move but can pay off big, it says that for two energy, one colorless and one psychic, you may place a coin next to Mr. Mime and if your opponent guesses it wrong it does 50 damage to the defending Pokemon, if your opponent guesses right, Mr. Mime does 20 damage to yourself. This is risky in the sense that after 4 wrong guesses Mr. Mime will kill itself even if it's Poke-Body protects it from damage from your opponents attacks. The good thing about the move is that if your opponent guesses wrong it does 50 damage to their Pokemon, which is standard Hp for basic Pokemon, so it will be 1 hit knock outs. All in all this card is pretty good, I would suggest it in battle, especially if you have someway of getting energy cards on your Pokemon faster than your opponent does, either buy using supporter cards or building them up on your bench. That's all I have to say about this card for now, if I have anything else I will post it in the comments. And if you have any cards you want me to review, please tell me. This is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out!
Man have I been busy today, since 5:30 this morning it has been go go go. First I had to work from 5:30 to 10:00 I went to the weight room really quickly from 10:00 to 11:00 and then I ate lunch, I had a turkey burger, and then I had to meet my programming languages professor at noon and I just got done getting help from him for my test, which he basically did 8 of the 9 questions for me. And I have an hour and a half class that starts in fifteen minutes so I don't have much of a break yet. I think I'll have about 25 minutes after this class gets over before I have to go to a help session for my Microeconomics class and then there is another help session tonight for that class at like 7 I probably will have to go to. I wish I could just have a break so I could chill on facebook or youtube or do whatever. I don't even really have any time to answer comments or anything on YouTube, Facebook, or on here. If I get time tonight I will be writing another Pokemon card of the day, this time I will be doing Mr. Mime since someone suggested I do that card. I will do a shout out to whoever suggested that to me when I actually do the review. It's harder to stay focused on homework too, since it's about 60 degrees outside which is beautiful in Minnesota especially this time of year, I'm actually wearing shorts for only the second time of the year, the first time being yesterday lol. But I better get going to my Economic Development class it starts in 15 minutes. So this is PrimetimePokemon, and I'm out. Make sure to comment on whatever you want to know from me I'll answer your questions. Out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I thought I would just add a little bit more to my blog before I hit the hay, make sure and check out my Armaldo card review below this if you haven't done so already. I've been really busy today, a lot of homework to do. I had to do an Economic Case Study on Chile with 3 other guys from my class, it was cool we actually didn't have to meet but we just started a google document and then we could all answer our questions together online at the same time without leaving our rooms. I'm still having a lot of trouble with my Programming Languages class, I've talked to my professor quite a bit about my test and he basically gives me the answers, which I like, but I won't learn the stuff that way at all, I still might drop that class and focus on my Economics major, I'll have to see how tomorrow goes with my Computer Science professor. Other than that I don't have too much else to say other than Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you celebrate that, I don't think I'm Irish at all and I don't drink or anything like that so I'll be getting to bed early tonight since I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning for work again. I can't wait to open all the Heart Gold/Soul Silver stuff I've bought lately, I actually have a lot of it sitting in my dorm room right now unopened because I don't have a good camera here to open stuff with, it would just be low quality, so I have to wait about a week and a half to open them, next Friday I will finally be home for spring break. But I best be getting to bed. PrimetimePokemon is out!

Pokemon Card of the Day: Armaldo (Legends Awakened)

Here is a link to my Armaldo Deck video on YouTube:
This Armaldo card out of Legends Awakened has been my most powerful card in all the decks I've made. It's Poke-Body is what I really like about the card. Fossil Armor: If Armaldo would be damaged by an attack, prevent that attack's damage done to Armaldo if that damage is 60 or less. Not only does this allow for none of your opponent's Pokemon to do any damage to you, especially if they aren't stage 2, but if you have at least 3 energies on this card it will do 100 damage every turn and you don't even have to discard any energies when you perform Crush Claw. And besides the fact that this card has 140 HP, it rocks in general. The only downfall to this card is Armaldo's weakness to grass type Pokemon of +30 which is quite substantial so it will let those weaker Pokemon break your Poke-body and Armaldo is a stage 2 Pokemon so it takes awhile for you to get Armaldo into play, I usually try and build one of my Armaldos up on my bench before I put it into play so I can dominate it right away. I usually battle with my brothers or a few friends and as soon as I put in my fully loaded Armaldo they usually give up because they know it is game over. If you have anything to say about this card or have any suggestions of cards for me to talk about don't be afraid to comment.

Opening a Vaporeon Promo Pack
I am right in the middle of classes today, I had to spend about an hour and a half in my professor's office so he could help me with my programming languages test, which I still don't understand, I might end up dropping the class. I thought I would write something quick on here while my new YouTube video is uploading, I am opening a Vaporeon Promo pack, I will post the link as a comment to this post or start another post just for that I'm not sure yet. I'm getting hungry for lunch, usually I eat at 11 but it's 12 now and I will go eat in a little bit, I just ate 2 Chewy Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Granola bars so I wasn't so hungry. I actually have a lot of homework to do the rest of today, since I have class for 2 more hours today and then I have to go talk to my professor again about the test and then work on a group project for my Economic Development class. I filled out an NCAA bracket this morning even though I cheated and looked at a writer in the Star Tribune's bracket lol, but I've just been too busy to watch much college basketball this year except for a few Gopher's games. But I best be going, I'll catch you up on the rest of my day later, and maybe provide a review. PrimetimePokemon is out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Figured I would update you on what I've been doing this evening, I just got done watching Rules of Engagement online at, it was a pretty funny one. And before that I was reading over a chapter in my programming languages book since I had a take home test that was due tomorrow but I convinced my professor to give me an extension on it because I have no clue what was going on. Besides that I was doing the normal routine, eating supper, I had Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya with Garlic Bread, it tasted good, I also was checking my YouTube account, answering messages and comments and also seeing if anything was new on Facebook. I'm about to drink my big glass of Muscle Milk before I go to bed to get some protein in me to rebuild my muscles faster, even though you can't tell I lift weights at all lol, I'm stronger than I look, I suppose that can be a good thing. Make sure you vote in the poll at the bottom of my blog here, those polls will last for a week at a time and if you have any ideas for a poll that I should run you should comment on here. Also I was quite happy with how my Card of the Day turned out, any suggestions of cards to review would be helpful as well as other items to review. I don't know what I'm going to be doing now, I guess there's always homework to do, but until later, this is PrimetimePokemon out!

Pokemon Card of the Day: Charizard (Base Set 2)

I want to do something like a Pokemon Card of the Day quite often during the week whenever I get time, depending on how much I know about the card I will analyze the card. Cards like this one, which is older and is an absolute classic I will more than likely be posting personal experience with this card, so here goes nothing:
This Charizard Base Set 2 card was the card to have when I started collecting Pokemon cards in the late 90's. I think I was in about 5th grade when I first really starting collecting and I never did end up pulling this Charizard or getting it in a trade from anyone. The only reason I have one now is my youngest brother sold all his cards to me and he had a Charizard in mint condition in his collection which I have no idea where he got. I could have had a chance at a Base Set 2 Charizard, I was at Walmart a long time ago and they had this packages with 4 booster packs in them for $2.97, they were really cheap, but I didn't have much money back then so I was going to buy 3 of the packs, but then I decided I wanted to save a little bit of my money so I gave the pack I didn't want to my brother so he could buy it for himself, and when we got home he pulled a Charizard out of that pack, I was pretty jealous. And no matter how many packs I opened after that I never got a Charizard. Maybe I should buy a Base Set 2 booster box sometime, so I can get a Charizard of my own. Back in the day when this card first came out I wasn't into battling at all but I thought the card was pretty cool because it had fire spin which did 100 damage and the hp was 120, I don't even have to look at the card to know what it's hp was, it just stood out in my mind because it was so powerful at the time, compared to nowadays it isn't that good, but it was a great card. Now that this card has been remade in Stormfront I actually think I like the new artwork better, but I can save that card for another time. I hope you like my first Pokemon Card review/personal story. Comment on what you think about this, or if you have any fun stories relating to this card. I gotta get to class, so PrimetimePokemon is out!
It's been a pretty long day so far today, I had to get up to go to work at 5:30 and I worked for 4 hours then hit the weight room and worked out chest and calves. That's nothing new, I usually do that every Tuesday. Work was boring like usual since I work in the cafeteria at my college and am a supervisor, so I basically just stand around and watch the people lol. While I was at work I was thinking about what I wanted to do on my blog and I was thinking about displaying Pokemon cards or anything else I know a lot about like T.V. shows, DVDs, video games, etc., and giving them a review and also talking about any personal experiences I have with the item. So if you think this is a good idea you should comment on here and tell me. Depending on how productive I am on my homework today, I might start posting a card of the day today or tomorrow. But I have class in about an hour, so I best be going. This is PrimetimePokemon, out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I was pretty excited to watch a new episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight but I turned on my T.V. with the 5 channels I get and it was an old episode that I'd already seen, so dissapointing. I decided to watch the season finale from season 2 instead so I could see the romance of Penny and Leonard start to heat up lol. And then when I was putting my T.V. remote away I noticed my two Game Boy cases that I have one with Ho-oh and the other with Lugia on them, it made me want to buy the new games even more. But I think I'm going to be getting ready to sleep, this leaping 1 hour ahead has sure messed up my sleeping cycle and I have to get up to work at 5:30 tomorrow morning what a real treat. Oh well, I think I'm going to check my YouTube stuff and then hit the rack, until tomorrow, PrimetimePokemon is out.
I can't believe how addicting blogging really is lol! But if I don't get around to doing that test like I was talking about earlier, I will probably be watching some of my favorite shows tonight on CBS, starting at 7 central time. I will be watching How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory. If you've never watched those shows before I would definitely check them out, they are all quite funny especially the last two. I just noticed that Pokemon SS/HG game out for the DS, yesterday, I have every game except for Platinum from the Pokemon franchise and I was just wondering if you think I should get one or both of those games. Also some other things I would like to talk about are: Minnesota Sports, Pokemon, exercising, and any other things along those lines, so like I said earlier if you have anything to say about those topics or something to say not regarding those topics make sure you comment on my blogs and I will talk about them. Later.

New to Blogging.

The more I am looking over this site the more I am liking it. Not only can I write what I'm thinking but I can ask questions and get feedback from my followers, not only on Pokemon cards but on life in general. So if you have anything to say or comment about on one of my posts go ahead and do so, I'll do my best to update as soon as possible.

Eating Mole?

I just got done eating in the cafeteria, I know it's only 5 o'clock but I like to get my eating done early so I can spend the rest of the evening doing homework or watching t.v. or just relaxing. I went to supper tonight and wasn't interested in the cheddar meatloaf they had in the home line, since I don't like cheese, so I saw they had Roasted Turkey at the tortilla line so I thought I would eat some of that and then I read the sign and it said the sauce with the turkey was mole and it was all brown and chunky. But to my surprise it was actually pretty good, it sort of tasted like chocolate, I guess they mix some type of powder in there to make it taste like that, so I was pretty happy. I also had some really think strawberry yogurt, you know to get some protein in me, but I couldn't eat too much of it, it was just too thick. But I better end this post soon, I have to finish, I mean start my Programming Languages take home test which I don't have any clue how to do, who knows I might drop my computer science major completely if I really can't figure this stuff out and just stick with my Economics stuff. Until later, PrimetimePokemon is out.

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my Blog. This is all very new to me but I just wanted to write down what happens in my life besides posting videos on YouTube. I will talk about Pokemon in this blog but I'll also be talking about school, my activities, and whatever else I feel like talking about. If you are just stumbling upon this from somewhere else than YouTube, you should check out my videos if you like Pokemon: So once again welcome to my blog, and I plan to post stuff quite often on whatever I'm feeling, so if you want you can follow me and be a part of my everyday life.