Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Ursaring Prime (Unleashed)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Ursaring Prime from the Unleashed set. This is a stage 1 Pokemon Card and it has 110 hp which is about average. A x2 weakness to fighting type Pokemon can knock Ursaring out quite fast, just hope you aren't battling any fighting type Pokemon. A resistant type would have been nice to have on this card since it has low hp and a x2 weakness but it doesn't. And a 3 colorless energy retreat cost is pretty expensive considering it's only a stage 1 Pokemon, but when you look at Ursaring's moves since they take so much energy, a 3 colorless energy retreat cost seems more reasonable. Ursaring's Poke-Body makes up for the high energy costs associated with both of Ursaring's moves. The Poke-Body, called Berserk, lets you do 60 more hp damage to the defending Pokemon as long as Ursaring has at least 1 damage counter on it. So instead of Ursaring's moves doing 30 and 60 damage they do 90 and 120 damage when Ursaring has some damage on it. Ursaring has two pretty straightforward attacks, the first is called Hammer Arm and it does 30 damage for 3 colorless energy cards and it also lets you discard the top card from opponent's deck. Ursaring's second move is called Megaton Lariat and for four energy cards, all colorless it does 60 damage. The strategy for this card is straight forward, I would use Ursaring right away and start using either of its moves depending on how many energy cards you attached to it, and once Ursaring gets some damage on it, you should use Megaton Lariat every move so that you can do 120 hp damage which will knock out a majority of Pokemon. Another thing I like about this card is that it is a normal type Pokemon so all of its moves use colorless energy so you can include this card in any deck you need a powerful attacker in. So once again thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Steelix Prime from the Unleashed set again.