Monday, May 24, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Gallade 4 Lv. X (Rising Rivals)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Gallade 4 Lv. X from the Rising Rivals set. Before I get too far into my review this card can only put on Gallade 4 not a regular Gallade. For a stage 1 Lv. X card this card has pretty average hp with 100. A x2 weakness is expected from a Lv. X card but with Gallade only having 100 hp a x2 weakness does seem a little too troubling for this card but luckily most Psychic Pokemon's moves just spread damage around. I wish Gallade would have had a resistance type but unfortunately it doesn't but it does have a fairly low retreat cost of one colorless energy card, so it shouldn't be too hard to retreat Gallade if it gets in trouble. Gallade's Poke-Power called Blade Storm lets you put one damage counter on each of the defending Pokemon when you put Gallade 4 Lv. X onto your active Gallade 4 card. Gallade's only move entitled Aimed Cut does 40+ hp damage for only 3 energy cards, two colorless and one Psychic. This move works very well with its Poke-Power because Aimed Cut does 10 more hp damage for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon and when you use Blade Storm you know for sure that there should be at least 1 damage counter on the defending Pokemon, so this move will do at least 50 damage guaranteed. With that being said I would wait awhile into the game before putting Gallade 4 Lv. X into play. I would wait until my opponent has his bench full to evolve Gallade 4, so I can put 10 hp on each of their Pokemon. I wouldn't actually put Gallade 4 Lv. X into my active Pokemon position until the defending Pokemon has at least 30 hp for it so then I can knock it out in two moves for sure. That's all I have to say about this card, I am not sure what card I am going to review tomorrow so please comment on this post and tell me which card you would like me to review tomorrow and thanks for reading this review.


Cheetahosu said...

You know that Gallade I mentioned a long time ago? Yeah, well, I finally found a picture of that card. Turns out there's a card in Secret Wonders with the exact same stats and attacks, so you can just do that one. I found it on PokeBeach, just to let you know. Pokemon does that with a lot of cards, like copy the exact stats. I found the same stats on two Palkia's from different DP expansions. Only the pictures were different.

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Could you please review Metagross from unleashed?