Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Flygon ex (EX Legend Maker)

Today's Pokemon Card of the day is Flygon ex from the EX Legend Maker set, I think this is the third ex card I've reviewed in the last 3 days. But oh well these are really good cards and fun to review. Flygon has really good hp, which most colorless type Pokemon do, it has 150 hp which is really important for an ex card to have high hp since if it is knocked out your opponent gets to take two prize cards. A x2 weakness to colorless Pokemon can damage Flygon quite a bit, but these powerful weakness is supplemented by its -30 hp resistance to two types of Pokemon, electric and fighting, I think this is the first card I've done where a Pokemon has two resistance types, also a 2 colorless energy retreat cost isn't too bad for a powerful ex card like this one and a card with a move that requires 5 energy cards to perform. Flygon's Poke-Power Emerge Charge is quite handy when you decide to put Flygon ex into play you can search your discard pile for two energy cards and attach them to Flygon, if I were using this card I would search my discard pile for one grass energy and one electric energy so I could for sure use Dragon Claw in a few turns. Flygon's first move is called Reactive Blast and only takes 2 energy cards, 1 colorless, 1 electric and does 40+ damage depending on if you want to discard any react energy cards from Flygon while you perform the move, so in essence, Reactive Blast can do 100 damage for 2 energy cards, if both your energy cards attached to Flygon are react energy cards. For more information on react energy cards click here. Flygon's second move is called Dragon Claw and for 5 energy cards, 1 grass, 1 electric and 3 colorless it does 100 hp damage every time. As far as strategy goes with Flygon ex I would wait a while to evolve Vibrava into Flygon so you could utilize Flygon's Poke-Power and be able to attach two energy cards to Flygon from the discard pile. I would do this so I would have enough energy cards to use Dragon Claw every turn, all you basically need is two energy cards on Vibrava and then you can put Flygon ex out and attach two more energy cards to it and then attach one from your hand to Flygon and then move Flygon to be your active Pokemon if it isn't already and then you're ready to use Dragon Claw every turn. And you should be able to do quite a bit of damage since Flygon's hp is 150 and it has two -30 resistance types. So once again thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Gardevoir Lv. X.


infernape1010 said...

Do u think that u could do enti raiku legand??

PokémonWorldBranix said...

Pretty good as always, but reactive blast requires 1 lighting and 1 coloress, it doesn´t have to be grass :)

marblemac2121 said...


PrimetimePokemon said...

@infernape1010 I could do that card in about 2 weeks.

@PokemonWorldBranix thanks again for the correction and I fixed it

@marblemac2121 You're welcome