Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Milotic ex (EX Emerald)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Milotic ex from EX Emerald. It has an hp of 130 which is rather high compared to the rest of the ex cards in the set. A x2 weakness to electric type Pokemon could be deadly if you are playing in an unlimited format since Luxray GL Lv. X is one of the most popular Pokemon cards right now so there are a lot of electric type Pokemon out there. A resistance type would have been nice but 130 hp is good enough to last awhile without depending on a resistance. A 2 colorless energy retreat cost isn't bad for an ex Pokemon, you will definitely have 2 energy cards on Milotic ex if you need to retreat it and you could even put it back in quite quickly and at least do one of its moves since it only takes 1 energy card to do. Milotic ex has a Poke-Body and 2 moves both doing damage. Milotic ex's Poke-Body is called Mystic Scale and says that as long as Milotic ex is in play both you and your opponent must discard all Technical Machine cards and you can't play any while Milotic is in play. This could definitely be useful if your opponent plays a lot of TMs but I really don't think this Poke-Body will have too much of an effect. Milotic ex's first move is called Gentle Wrap and for 1 water energy it does 30 hp damage and it makes the defending Pokemon unable to retreat the next turn. This is an extremely nice move especially when the defending Pokemon is getting close to feinting, using this move will almost guarantee a knock out your next turn. Milotic ex's second move is called Reflect Energy and for 3 energy cards, 1 water and 2 colorless does 70 hp damage the only downfall is that you have to move 1 of the energy cards attached to Milotic ex to one of your benched Pokemon. But at least you don't have to discard the energy. I would try and incorporate in my deck some type of card that allows for free passing of energy, specifically water type energy, from one card to another, so that you could always use Reflect Energy. As far as strategy goes I would always use Reflect Energy if I can unless the defending Pokemon has more than 70 hp left then I would use Gentle Wrap and make it unable to retreat the next turn and then do my 30 damage to it, then the next turn since it will have to have stayed in play you can knock it out with Reflect Energy. So once again, thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Raikou Legend from the newly released Unleashed set.

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Cheetahosu said...

You could use a Blastoise from HG/SS: Unleashed and use its Poke-Power so you can move the water energy back up to Milotic.