Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Kingdra ex (EX Dragon)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Kindra ex from the EX Dragon set. It has pretty good hp for an ex card with 150 hp. A x2 weakness to grass Pokemon and electric type Pokemon could hinder its great hp. I would have liked this card to have some resistance type but again 150 hp is really good. The retreat cost for this card is 3 colorless energy cards which is quite expensive so if you're going to use this card you will either have to play until it feints and give up two prize cards or discard all the energy cards required to do Hydrocannon to retreat Kingdra. Kingdra ex doesn't have any Poke-Power or Poke-Body but it does have two moves. The first is called Genetic Memory and for only 1 water energy card you can do any move from the Horsea or Seadra card under Kingdra for only 1 energy card no matter how many energy cards the move on the original card took, so this move gives Kingdra many more moves than just the two moves on this card. The second move Kingdra has is called Hydrocannon and for 3 colorless energy cards it does 50 hp damage which is slightly above average for 3 energy cards but not anything spectacular. You can also add up to two more water energy cards to this Kingdra card and for each water energy card you have in addition to the 3 energy cards you need for Hydrocannon increases Hydrocannon by 20 hp each, so at max Hydrocannon can do 90 hp damage for 5 energy cards, 2 water and 3 colorless. This is a pretty expensive move but you should be able to knock out just about any Pokemon in two moves and you also don't have to discard any energy cards when you use Hydrocannon so that is nice too. As far as strategy goes I would try and get Kingdra ex onto my deck as soon as possible because then all you need is 1 energy card to use any of the Pokemon under Kingdra's moves. But I would definitely use Hydrocannon as much as possible when I get 3 energy cards on Kingdra and I would make sure to put 5 energy cards on Kingdra so I could do 90 hp every turn and this way if Kingdra is close to being knocked out you can retreat it and put it back out the next turn again if you wanted and just add one energy card to it and you could do 50 hp damage right away. Since Kingdra needs so many energy cards I would definitely include supporters/trainers which allow you to get energy cards to your hand right away. I might also think about putting potions in your deck or some type of Poke-Power that lets you remove damage from Kingdra every turn so it can last just about the whole game. So once again thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Tyranitar ex.

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