Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Electivire FB Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Electivire FB Lv. X from the Supreme Victors set. For a stage 1 Lv. X card this has a really high hp of 120. Most Lv. X cards like this usually have an hp of 100 or 110. A x2 weakness to fighting type Pokemon is expected from a Lv. X Pokemon card and fighting Pokemon aren't that popular so it shouldn't be too big of a problem to have this weakness. A -20 resistance to metal type Pokemon will help a little bit even though there aren't too many metal type Pokemon out there. A 3 colorless energy retreat cost is really expensive and if you retreat Electivire FB Lv. X you won't have any energy cards left on it. But you can just use its Poke-Power called Energy Recycle the next turn if you need energy cards for Electivire FB Lv. X that bad, Energy Recycle lets you each turn, before your attack, search your discard pile for 3 energy cards and attach them to your Pokemon in any way you like but if you do this then you can't attack that turn. Electivire FB Lv. X's only move is called Powerful Spark and is very similar to the move on Lanturn Prime. This move takes 3 energy cards, 1 electric, and 2 colorless energy cards, and does 30 hp plus 10 more hp damage for each energy attached to your Pokemon. As far as strategy goes I would play a normal game for most of the game and try and use a lot of your energy cards so they're in the discard pile and then you could put Electivire FB Lv. X on your bench and start using Energy Recycle, when doing this make sure you have a high hp Pokemon as your active Pokemon so it will be able to withstand a lot of damage. So if you use Energy Recycle 3 times, it will mean you could have 3 energy cards on Electivire to do Powerful Spark and then you would have at least 6 energy cards on the rest of your Pokemon at a minimum. So you could then retreat the active Pokemon and put Electivire FB Lv. X in and use Powerful Spark and you could do at least 90 hp every turn and knock out just about every Pokemon in two turns, knocking most basic and stage 1 Pokemon cards out in 1 turn. And then the longer you have Electivire FB Lv. X out there the more energy cards you can attach to your benched Pokemon therefore increasing Powerful Spark, making Electivire FB Lv. X a one hit KO machine. So once again thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Hippowdon Lv. X from Rising Rivals.


Pokemonagent1 said...

Good review! Keep them up!

Murphykevo said...

It is very well written, but when you say that fighting isnt popular is what made me wonder. Did Machamp or Donphan Prime ever pop into your head? Those two are very popular.