Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Blastoise (Unleashed)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Blastoise from the yet to be released Heart Gold/Soul Silver Unleashed set. I believe this set is coming out May 12th so make sure you go out and buy some I know I will be buying everything they make of Unleashed when I get done with college May 25th. Now lets get on to the review. Blastoise is a stage 2 Pokemon card and has a very respectable hp of 130 which is very good for a non Lv. X card. A x2 weakness to electric type Pokemon is expected from a stage 2 water Pokemon and Blastoise doesn't have any resistant type. It does have a very high retreat cost of 3 colorless energy cards, but at least you should have enough energy to retreat Blastoise if you get in trouble since its only move requires 4 energy cards. Blastoise's Poke-Power Wash Out lets you move as many water energy as you want from your benched Pokemon to your active Pokemon, so as long as you have Blastoise on your bench you can use this move even though I would more than likely want to have Blastoise be my active Pokemon and move a lot of energy cards at once to be able to perform Blastoise's only move really quickly. Blastoise's only move is called Hydro Launcher and takes 4 energy cards, 2 water, and 2 colorless and lets you do 100 hp damage to any of your opponent's Pokemon, so I would target any of your opponent's basic Pokemon so you can one it knock out them. But if they do have a really strong hp or attacker Pokemon I would use Hydro Launcher twice in a row on that Pokemon because pretty every Pokemon can be knocked out with 200 damage. The only bad thing about Hydro Launcher is that when you use it you have to move the 2 water energy cards necessary to use the move back to your hand. At least you don't have to discard them and I would use Blastoise later in the game when you have a lot of your other benched Pokemon already set up so you can use Wash Out and easily move two water energy cards from your benched Pokemon to Blastoise to be able to do Hydro Launcher for more than one turn in a row. So once again thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Tangrowth Lv. X.


infernape1010 said...

this works well with fearalgator prime's rain dants

strig_rodgers said...

works better with floatzel

David said...

Works even better with both of the above ^ :D