Friday, May 7, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Regigigas Lv. X (Stormfront)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Regigigas Lv. X from the Stormfront set, I actually use this card in one of my decks that I made a video of on YouTube so I have a lot of personal experience with this card. For being basically a stage 1 Lv. X Regigigas Lv. X has 150 hp which is really good. A x2 weakness to fighting type Pokemon isn't anything to worry about since fighting types aren't too prevalent an Regigigas Lv. X has a really high hp. Regigigas Lv. X doesn't have a resistance type which is really needed especially with its Poke-Power, and it has an extremely high retreat cost of 4 colorless energy cards, so you really won't be able to use this card again if you retreat it because it will waste a lot of energy and take forever to get another 4 energy cards on it. Onto Regigigas Lv. X's Poke-Power called Sacrifice, this is one of the main reasons I use this card, its Poke-Power reads like this once per turn you may choose any of your Pokemon in play and knock that Pokemon out, when you do so Regigigas Lv. X gets to remove 8 damage counters from it and also search the discard pile for two basic energy cards and attach them to Regigigas Lv. X. Regigigas Lv. X's only move on this card is called Giga Blaster and does 100 hp for four energy cards, one colorless, one metal, one water, and one fighting. When you execute this move you also get to remove the top card from your opponent's deck and move it to the discard pile, but the downfall is that you only can use Giga Blaster every other turn. As far as strategy goes I wouldn't ever use Giga Blaster because of two reasons, the first being that it takes too many different types of energy cards, which will make you stack your deck with all types of special energy cards, and the second reason is that you can only Giga Blaster every other turn so it seems like a waste to me to put all those different kind of energy cards into your deck and then not be able to use that move more than once in a row. My suggestion would be to use the rare Regigigas, not the holo version, from the Legends Awakened set, this card has the move Gigaton Punch which does 60 hp damage for 3 colorless energy cards and then if you flip a coin and get heads it does 20 more damage to the defending Pokemon and then you get to choose one of your opponent's benched Pokemon and do 20 damage to that as well. I like this card the best of all the regular Regigigas's because it has a colorless move so you can basically put it in any deck. And once you get Regigigas Lv. X to be your active Pokemon you can just use Gigaton Punch every turn and then if Regigigas Lv. X gets close to feinting you can have some basic Pokemon on your bench and sacrifice it to keep Regigigas Lv. X alive much longer. I know I could usually sweep my opponent a lot if I could get Regigigas Lv. X out right away and execute Gigaton Punch because in 2 moves you can knock out about anything and at the same time if you flip heads you can start spreading damage around on the bench so by the time one of your opponent's benched Pokemon comes in you can knock them out in one move. So once again thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Ryhperior Lv. X.


infernape1010 said...

what do u mean its a wast of spase to put all the energy cards u only realy need 1 or 2 of each type of energy and use rosanes reserch, nrg search ofsome other type of eng serch card to get them out also your fire deck has way to much nrg as do all your other decks i'd sugest taking out 5-10 nrg and ading mor trainers/suporters and for your stage 2 lnes taking out cards so its a 4-2-4 or 4-2-3-1 with rare candies

Cheetahosu said...

I have the Regigigas from Legends Awakened as you mentioned. I always wanted to use my Boost Energy, but it must be attached to an evolved Pokemon. So if I get this Lv. X, I could execute that move, Gigaton Punch, in one move. That's awesome.