Friday, September 17, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Ho-oh (Neo Revelation)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Ho-oh from the Neo Revelation set. This is another card I always desired but never did get. I especially like the art work on this card and I always favored the Neo sets the most out of any Pokemon sets just because these were the sets I had the least of. Like Lugia from yesterday, Ho-oh has 90 hp, Ho-oh is a basic, fire type Pokemon and has a x2 weakness to water type Pokemon but also like Lugia has a -30 resistance to fighting type Pokemon and a 2 colorless energy card retreat cost. Surprisingly Ho-oh has 3 moves, the first move is called Stoke and this move requires 1 fire energy card, this move lets you search your deck for a fire energy card and attach it to Ho-oh so you can basically attach two cards at once to Ho-oh when you use this move. Ho-oh's second move is called Sacred Fire and this move require 3 fire energy cards, this move does 40 hp damage to one of your opponent's Pokemon but since this is an older card you have to flip a coin first and get heads to even do damage with this move. Ho-oh's final move is called Dive Bomb and requires 5 fire energy cards and does 90 damage but you have to again flip a coin with this move and if it is tails it doesn't do anything at all. So you take a risk with this card and stack up the energy cards on this card and could even waste a turn by trying Dive Bomb and getting tails. But since this is an older card 90 damage is way more damage than it is by today's cards so I would definitely risk a turn doing the 90 damage. I won't rate this card because it is too old and doesn't compare to newer cards but this is another card I would be willing to trade for if it is in mint condition, if you want to trade me this card or the Lugia card you can message me on YouTube with a list of cards you want and I'll see if we can work this card out, so thanks for reading today's review of Ho-oh from Neo Revelation stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Glaceon from Majestic Dawn.

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Anders.B said...

you should take the houndoom prime card from hg ss undauted. It's so good card:)