Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Rayquaza C Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Rayquaza C Lv. X from the Supreme Victors set, this was also one of the promo level x cards you could get in the tins. First off Rayquaza C Lv. X for basically being a Stage 1 Pokemon since it evolves from a basic Pokemon has a good hp of 120, I was looking at the other similar Lv. X cards in the set and saw that Rayquaza was just above average with some having hp's of 110 and 100. Again today, same as Dragonite ex from yesterday, Rayquaza has a weakness of x2 to normal Pokemon and yesterday I said that there are usually some normal Pokemon in every deck and that they aren't too powerful but then I was reminded of Salamence so I guess I can't say all normal Pokemon are weak but I would say that most of them that are in decks are just starter cards to get the rest of your deck set up to play so they aren't too strong. A -20 resistance to fighting Pokemon can come in handy but a 3 colorless energy retreat cost is really steep especially for only a Stage 1 Lv. X card, so if you need to retreat Rayquaza good luck on ever getting him back up to power to do any damage with it when the necessary energy cards are in the discard pile. Rayquaza's Poke-Body Dragon Spirit can be very convenient since Rayquaza makes you discard lots of energy, it's Poke-Body says this if the defending Pokemon does damage to Rayquaza C and Rayquaza C is your active Pokemon and this attack doesn't knock you out you may search your discard pile for an energy and attach it to Rayquaza C. Like I was saying this can come in handy if you end up retreating Rayquaza and by taking a lot of damage you would have a lot of energy cards attached to Rayquaza so 3 colorless energy cards wouldn't be that big of deal and this Poke-Body goes along nicely with its only move which is called Final Blowup which takes 4 energy cards, 1 each of water, psychic, and fighting along with one more colorless energy. This high expense inflicts a damage of 200 hp on your opponent's active Pokemon but if you have any cards in your hand at the time you have to discard all 4 cards. But this is where you could use Rayquaza's Poke-Body so then it will only take 2 turns for you to be able to do Final Blowup again, because you can attach 2 energy cards to Rayquaza each turn if you have 1 in your hand and your opponent does damage to you, then you can take one out of your discard pile and attach it to Rayquaza C too. As far as strategy goes, here is another one of those cards, like Lugia Legend where its only move takes a wide variety of energy cards, so you'll have to stack your deck with double colorless energy, multi-energy, and rainbow energy in able to execute Final Blowup. If I had this card in my deck I would make sure and build up all my Pokemon on my bench and get rid of all the cards in my hands by either playing trainers/supporters I don't need or attaching too many energy cards to Pokemon just so that I don't have to discard all 4 energy cards when I do Final Blowup. By doing this I know I can knock out all my opponent's Pokemon because there really aren't many Pokemon out there with an hp over 200 so as long as Rayquaza can absorb the damage it is game over for your opponent once you get Rayquaza out there. So thanks for reading my Rayquaza C Lv. X review, and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Toxicroak from the Arceus request.


apopino said...

Rayquaza is awesome. for a pokemon card of the day, I think I have one you would aprove of........ how about doing a card of the day featuring Magmortar Lv.X
from mysterious treasures. I think you should do this one because you always talk about how much you like it and how you are always hoping to get one in every pack. :) hope you read this.

HitmonRyan said...

Hey, great review! :) I'm just wondering though, why do you need double colorless in a rayquaza deck?

Larry said...

Nice Review! I'm getting a Dialga Lv. X tin on Saturday so we'll see how that goes! Thanx for the review!

PrimetimePokemon said...

@HitmonRyan you would need a double colorless energy because it is a special energy card and you need many different types of energy to use Rayquaza's move.

@apopino I can do Magmortar Lv. X in about 2 weeks, and thanks for reading my review.

@Larry Thanks and good luck on your pulls.

Larry said...

Hey Primetime,
When you opened 252 pokemon booster packs, I watched every single pack. My real name is Tyguy, but my dad just does larry for safety, so you can call me tyguy.