Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Lucario Lv. X (Mysterious Treasures)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Lucario Lv. X from the Mysterious Treasures set, I actually use this card in one of my decks that I posted on YouTube, click here for that video. The main reason I use this card in my deck is for the Poke-Power and that it has 20 more hp than the Legends Awakened card I use. But I just use all the moves off of there unless I need to use a move that does 80 hp damage. So to get things started for this review if you want to know what a Lv. X card is you can click here. This Lucario has 110 hp which really isn't too much but Lucario is only a stage 1 Pokemon normally so this is pretty decent for that kind of Pokemon. A x2 weakness to Psychic Pokemon can be deadly since they are very popular in the trading card game and Lucario doesn't have too much hp to begin with. It would have helped for Lucario to have a resistance type but it doesn't, and at least you can retreat Lucario Lv. X for only 1 colorless energy in case it gets in trouble. Lucario's Poke-Power is the main reason I use this card, its Poke-Power called Stance says that once you play Lucario Lv. X from your hand to your Lucario in play all effects of an attack including damage are prevented. Lucario's only move is Close Combat and it does 80 hp for only 3 energy cards, 2 fighting and 1 colorless, but the next turn damage done to Lucario is increased by 30 hp. So I would be aware of using this move especially if you aren't close to being knocked out, because if you are close to being knocked out it won't matter if your opponent can do any more damage to you or not. As far as strategy is concerned with this card, I would keep my regular Lucario card in as long as possible since if you use the Legends Awakened one it can hold its own for quite awhile and once you get into trouble I would bring in Lucario Lv. X and then use Close Combat so you can at least knock out 1 Pokemon before you feint yourself. This card definitely wouldn't be the main card in my deck, in my deck I used Armaldo from Legends Awakened as my main card and then used Lucario and Hitmonlee as my other two Pokemon. So thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Machamp Lv. X from Stormfront.


PokémonWorldBranix said...

I like that illustration. Cool! But I think Close Combat it´t a little bit useless ´cuz you can use Lucario´s Spike Lariat which is basically same. Anyway good review!

Tyguy said...

Could you review the Uxie Lv. X from the Legends Awakened series?

PrimetimePokemon said...

@Tyguy I will in about a week