Monday, April 12, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Marowak (Legends Awakened)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Marowak from Legends Awakened, I am doing this card on request and just to notice before I start this review this card is only an uncommon as you can tell by the diamond in the bottom right hand corner of the card, so don't expect this card to be as powerful as most of the other reviews I have done, but still this card is pretty good for only being an uncommon. First of all for a Stage 1 Pokemon it has 90 Hp which is the norm for Stage 1 fighting Pokemon, I know Lucario from this set also has the same Hp, both Marowak's weakness and resistance is 20 hp, but its weakness is probably going to be effected more since water is much more prevalent than electric type Pokemon in battling. Also a two colorless energy retreat cost is pretty expensive for a stage 1 Pokemon. This Marowak card has two moves the first is called Heavy Bone which for only 1 colorless energy card it will do 40 hp which is really good and really cheap the only downfall to this move is that you have to flip a coin every time you do the move and if you flip tails you can't perform Heavy Bone the following turn. Now Marowak's second move is called Bone Rush and can really be a powerful Pokemon, but it's basically a hit or miss move, since it takes two fighting energy cards and lets you flip a coin until you get tails and for each heads it does 50x hp damage. Like I was saying earlier this move is definitely hit or miss you could waste a turn on this move and not do any damage and the next turn you might try it again and get to do 150 hp damage. Now for my strategy: I definitely wouldn't make this card the main Pokemon in any deck but it is a nice card to supplement a more powerful card, this card can do major damage with few energy cards. I would actually stick with Heavy Bone most of the time, unless you flipped a tail and were forced to you Bone Rush. The reason I would stick with Heavy Bone is because most Pokemon don't need 100 hp damage or more to be knocked out especially if they are Stage 1 or Basic Pokemon, I would rather hit 40 hp 3 times in a row then waste 3 turns on Bone Rush, but that is just me, I guess if you are facing a really strong Pokemon in regards to Hp I would probably use Bone Rush to try and put a big dent in your opponent's active Pokemon. But overall, especially for an uncommon card, this Marowak is really powerful and can be a useful attacker next to your main Pokemon. So thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Typhlosion Prime from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set.


RussellK said...

you rock i am a really big fan of yours

Matthew said...

wow that thing is strong lol great juob PTP!

PrimetimePokemon said...

Thanks very much both of you

Cheetahosu said...

Yeah, I have this card. I got it in starter deck. It had a holo Lucario in it, too. Great review, like always!