Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Metagross (Undaunted)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Metagross from the Undaunted set. This is a stage 2, metal type Pokemon with an hp of 130. Unfortunately Metagross has a x2 weakness to fire type Pokemon and an extremely high retreat cost of 4 colorless energy cards, however it does have a -20 resistance to Psychic type Pokemon. Metagross has no Poke-Power or Poke-Body but it does has two moves, the first move is called Strength and this move does 70 damage for 3 energy cards, 2 metal and 1 colorless. Metagross' second move is entitled Quad Smash and this move does 50 damage times the number of heads you flip when you flip 4 coins, so this move can do 200 damage maximum for 4 energy cards, 2 each of colorless and metal. As far as strategy goes with this card it is really straightforward since there is no Poke-Power or Poke-Body, I would use Strength when I have 3 energy cards on Metagross or the defending Pokemon will feint by having an attack done to them that does 50 to 70 damage, otherwise if I had 4 energy cards on Metagross I would use Quad Smash and hope to get a lot of heads. It would be highly unlikely not to get at least 1 heads out of four flips so this move should do at least 50 damage. I would rate this card a 4 out of 5, this is one of those cards that I would really like to use just because there is no strategy with this card, it is just a brute force card that does a lot of damage, so just take the time to set this card up on your bench and bring it into play and start destroying your opponent's Pokemon. So thanks for reading today's review of Metagross from Undaunted, stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Weavile from Undaunted.

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rayquazza and deoxys (undaunted)