Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Heatran Lv. X (Stormfront)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Heatran Lv. X from the Stormfront set. This is basically a stage 1 Pokemon card since it levels up from a basic Pokemon in Heatran, this card is a fire type card with an hp of 120, it has a weakness of x2 to water type Pokemon, no resistance, and an extremely high retreat cost of 4 colorless energy cards. This card has no moves but it does have a Poke-Body and a Poke-Power. I will start with the Poke-Power first which is called Heat Wave and it does the following: As long as Heatran Lv. X in on your bench you may use this power, if you have to discard any basic energy cards from a fire or metal type active Pokemon card when you use their move, you can reattach 2 of those energy cards onto that Pokemon which had to discard them. So basically when you have Heatran Lv. X in play you can use moves that aren't supposed to be used more than once every couple of turns almost every turn since you won't ever need to wait turns to attach energy cards to that Pokemon again since you can attach up to two energy cards which that Pokemon had to discard. Heatran Lv. X's Poke-Body is called Heat Metal and this Poke-Body makes it so your opponent can never remove the burned condition from their Pokemon, with Heat Metal your opponent can't remove burned by evolving, devolving, or putting a Lv. X card on that Pokemon, also when you flip a coin to remove the burn the coin is always tails no matter what it lands on. So if I were to use this card in my deck I would definitely utilize Heatran's Poke-Body so that I would use many Pokemon in my deck that have the ability to burn the opposing Pokemon, that way I can switch Heatran Lv. X into play and then knock them out even faster because they won't be able to rid themself of their burn. So this is an important card to have in your deck especially if one of your cards has a move that needs to discard energy cards, because if it does with Heatran's Poke-Power it won't need to wait that long anymore to use that same move again. So thanks for reading today's review of Heatran Lv. X from Stormfront stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Jumpluff from Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

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