Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Dusclops ex (EX Emerald)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Dusclops ex from the EX Emerald set. This is a stage 1, Psychic type Pokemon card, which is an ex card so if it gets knocked out your opponent gets two prize cards. Dusclops has an hp of 100 and a x2 weakness to dark Pokemon, -30 resistance to both fighting and colorless Pokemon and a retreat cost of 2 colorless energy cards. Dusclop's Poke-Body really makes this card worthwile, it says that as long as Dusclops is on your bench don't apply darkness type weakness to any of your Pokemon in play, so if I were to create a deck using this card I would try and use all cards that are Psychic and have a weakness to dark type Pokemon that way none of my Pokemon would have weaknesses when I had this card in play. Dusclops's only move called Shadow Beam takes one psychic energy card and does 20 damage times the energy attached to Dusclops, I especially like these cards where you can load up energy cards on the card to do major damage. As far as strategy goes I would definitely get Dusclops on my bench as soon as possible for two reasons, the first is to be able to use Dusclop's Poke-Body, the second is two be able to load up Dusclops with energy before I put it as my active Pokemon. I would rate this a 4 out of 5, the first thing I like is that it has a somewhat high hp for a stage 1 card with 100, it doesn't have a weakness since you can use its Poke-Body, also with the Poke-Body you can prevent all the rest of your Pokemon from taking extra damage if they are weak to dark type Pokemon and I like Dusclop's move. The reason I didn't give this card a 5 is because it is an ex card and if it's knocked out your opponent gets two prize cards and the second reason is that it will take awhile to be able to do a significant amount of damage with Shadow Beam, so thanks for reading today's review of Dusclops ex from EX Emerald stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Umbreon from Undaunted.

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