Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Kyogre ex (EX Hidden Legends)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Kyogre ex from the Hidden Legends set. This is a basic Pokemon card which has 100 hp which isn't too bad but I still would be weary about using this card since if it is knocked out your opponent gets to take 2 prize cards instead of 1. Kyogre ex has a 2x weakness to grass type Pokemon which is expected, I'm just glad that it doesn't have more than one weakness type since it has such a low hp for a powerful card like this. It doesn't have a resistance type. Kyogre ex does have an extremely high retreat cost with three colorless energy cards. So you'll have to give up all your energy cards to retreat this card since Kyogre's most expensive move takes 3 energy cards. Kyogre's Poke-Body is called Mark of Antiquity and can be very beneficial if you are playing against people who use a lot of ex Cards. It says that as long as Kyogre ex is your active Pokemon, Groudon ex and Rayquaza ex can't attack if your opponent's are using one of those Pokemon. Kyogre ex has two moves the first is called Water Arrow and for 2 colorless energy cards it does 20 hp to one of your opponent's Pokemon. This move isn't very good for an ex card but at least you can attack any Pokemon you want of your opponents. Kyogre's second move is called Super Tidal Wave and does 50+ hp damage for 3 energy cards, 2 water and 1 colorless. You may show your hand to your opponent when using this review and if you do it does 10 more damage to the defending Pokemon for each energy card you have in your hand, after the attack you have to shuffle those energy cards back into your deck. As far as strategy goes it is really straight forward, I would always use Super Tidal Wave if I can and I would only show my opponent my hand if I needed to do extra damage to the defending Pokemon so I could knock it out in one turn. When using this move make sure and have a lot of energy cards in your hand, you can achieve this by using supporter cards and/or Poke-Powers that allow you to obtain energy cards from your deck. So thanks for reading today's review and the next couple of days I will be reviewing Groudon ex and Rayquaza ex.

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