Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Honchkrow Lv. X (Secret Wonders)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Honchkrow Lv. X from the Secret Wonders set. This is a basically a stage 2 Pokemon card that only has 110 hp which isn't very good at all. But it does only have a +30 weakness to electric type Pokemon instead of the normal x2 weakness. It also has a -20 resistance to fighting type Pokemon and no retreat cost. Honchkrow Lv. X doesn't have any Poke-Power or Poke-Body but it does have two moves, the first is called Feint Attack and for two colorless energy cards you can do 40 hp damage to one of your opponent's Pokemon in play and this move isn't affected by anything. So you'll do 40 damage to the Pokemon you choose every time no matter what. Honchkrow Lv. X's other move is called Darkness Wing, this move needs two darkness energy cards and one colorless energy card to execute, it does 60 hp damage and if this move knocks out the defending Pokemon you can search your discard pile for any 1 card and put it into your hand. As far as strategy goes I would only use Feint Attack on a Pokemon if the defending Pokemon has a resistance to dark type Pokemon, otherwise I would always use Darkness Wing. Since Honchkrow Lv. X has a free retreat cost, I would stack my deck with some powerful Pokemon so then I could switch Honchkrow in if they feint, knock out that Pokemon, and then put the card that just got knocked out right back into my hand. So thanks for reading my review and stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Gliscor Lv. X.


transformers revenge of the fallen said...

like the honchkrow lvx its awsome. do you have one

ChrisKiteley said...

hey i didnt know you could get to my requsts so quickly thanks alot and could you review Wailord EX in EX sandstorm tht pokemon card is very uniqe