Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Altaria ex (EX Emerald)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Altaria ex from EX Emerald. This is a stage 1 ex card and it only has 100 hp. But even though the hp is pretty low for an ex Pokemon card, it doesn't have a weakness so it will last a lot longer. At the same time Altaria doesn't have a resistance cost and it has a low retreat cost of 1 colorless energy card. Altaria's Poke-Body is called Mist and it says that any damage done to Altaria by stage 2 evolved Pokemon is reduced by 30, so even though Altaria has a low hp it will be able to last quite long if it goes against highly evolved Pokemon. Altaria ex has two moves, the first is called Dive and for one colorless energy card it does 20 hp damage, this is just a quick move in case you don't have much energy cards on Altaria. Altaria ex's second move is called Dragon Mist and for 3 energy cards, one water, one electric and one colorless it does 70 hp damage which is above average for amount of damage done by a 3 energy cost attack. As far as strategy goes I would definitely wait until I have 3 energy cards on Altaria ex before I move it into my active Pokemon spot. I would use Dragon Mist everytime and if I could I would wait and not use Altaria until my opponent has a stage 2 Pokemon card out there so I could utilize Altaria's Poke-Body. Also you'll probably either have to use some special energy cards in the deck you use this card with or use it in a water and electric type deck which usually works pretty well. I can think of a few other Pokemon who are both water and electric type, like Lanturn and Chinchou. So thanks for reading my review today and stay tuned for tomorrow's review.

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