Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wow today's almost already over, I've been doing Pokemon all day today, I opened all those packs and tins and blister packs and everything else that I said that I got in an earlier post today, and I was actually really happy with the pulls I got from them. I'll be posting a video a week for quite awhile now, I will be starting with my Feraligatr tin on YouTube and I'll be uploading it on Wednesday and probably start uploading some free card videos on Monday. I just got done getting my holo collection back together again and I guess I have 804 total Holo, Lv. X, Prime, Legend, and ex cards, so I'll be making that video some time this week, and I might even be making an entire collection video this week too if I can organize all my cards. I'm actually watching some more basketball again tonight, not college this time but the Minnesota High School boys state basketball tournament, I was watching St. Paul Johnson vs. Grand Rapids earlier, my high school team actually played St. Paul Johnson both years I was on Varsity so that was pretty exciting to watch and they ended up winning state too. Now I'm watching Hopkins vs. St. Cloud Tech and Hopkins is blowing St. Cloud out, which they should be. Other than that I guess I went grocery shopping with my family today and went to a local sporting good's store and did some pull ups in there lol. But I'm feeling pretty tired so look forward to my Porygon Z lv. X review tomorrow and if you have any questions for me or suggestions of cards to review let me know by posting a comment on this post. Alright, this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.


Cdemesa said...

so i been waiting the hgss today for nothing but atleast i get to see you open it

apopino said...

for a pokemon card of the day, I think I have one you would aprove of........ how about doing a card of the day featuring Magmortar Lv.X
from mysterious treasures. I think you should do this one because you always talk about how much you like it and how you are always hoping to get one in every pack. :) hope you read this.