Friday, March 26, 2010

I still haven't opened any of the Pokemon stuff I have at home and I have a lot of it, I spent this evening once I got home setting up my PS3, laptop, and also getting my room back to normal, then I decided to watch some more NCAA basketball again, I'm watching the Northern Iowa Michigan State game now and Michigan state is about by 4 with 11:33 left in the second half. I was going to do those Pokemon openings tonight but the lighting wouldn't be good and it would have taken me a long time to do and people would probably start going to sleep in my house and I wouldn't have been able to keep all the lights on to film. So I will definitely start opening the packs tomorrow and I will post the video at the beginning of this week.
These are the things I have to open:
Feraligatr Tin
Meganium Tin
Typhlosion Tin
Arceus Lv. X Tin
Lucario Promo Tin
Ho-oh Poster Pack
Lugia Poster Pack
Pikachu Blister Pack
Wobuffet Blister Pack
Platinum Premium Box
Celebi Promo Pack
4 Packs of HG/SS
3 Pack of ex Dragon Frontiers
Noctowl Promo Pack

Any suggestions for the video I should post first?

plus I have like 15 packages of free cards through the mail to open up


cutebodyfromMaplest said...

Oh my gosh!! So many new cards! Can't wait until you post them onto Youtube :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man whats your PSN, i got ps3. Add me, LethalJay

marblemac2121 said...

whats in the platinum premium box?

PrimetimePokemon said...

@marblemac2121 5 Platinum series booster packs, 3 promo cards, an Arceus figurine, Arceus Poster and official Pokemon magazine.

marblemac2121 said...

oh yeah that just got released like 2-3 weeks ago

marblemac2121 said...

the order should be
1.3 packs of ex dragon frontiers
2.lucario promo tin
3.celibi promo pack
4.noctowl promo pack
5.arceus lvl.x tin
6.wobuffet blister
7.pikachu blister
8.4 packs of hg/ss
9.lugia poster pack
10.ho-oh poster pack
11.typhlosion tin
12 meganeuim tin
13.feraligater tin
14.platinum premium box
15. 15 free cards

jacoblap said...

First lugia and hooh poster boxs because most people have not sean it

floheki said...

Ithink you should open the ex packs first.

floheki said...

Were do you get all of your cards.

Andrew said...

Sweetness! Could I add you on PSN?

brandon said...

hey you said something about PS3 do you have an online account for it?

PrimetimePokemon said...

@Andrew I really don't use my PS3 for much other than videos

@jacoblap I will be opening the 3 Prime tins first

@floheki I get my booster boxes from either otherwise I get booster packs and tins and stuff from Walmart, Target, Shopko, or Walgreens