Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can't believe today's already over I've been really busy all day long, at least when I wasn't sleeping. All I had to do today was study for my Economic Development test tomorrow but then when I tried to go on the website I needed to review the powerpoints from class I couldn't log in because I guess my password had expired which was weird because it still let me log into my email. And then once I changed my password I had to wait 30 minutes to go on the site I needed and then when I finally did get on the site I needed all the powerpoints I needed weren't there so I had to email my professor and ask him if he could include those on the website. So now it's already 9 here and I'm really tired and have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning so it looks like I'll just be studying tomorrow before my test I should have enough time since I get done with work at 10 and my test doesn't start until 2:15, I should be okay but I would have liked to have been more prepared by test day. I did post a new video on YouTube today it is opening a Jolteon Promo Pack
and I actually got a good pull for once. Make sure to also check out the Glaceon Lv. X review I did today and I'm going to be doing the Leafeon Lv. X card from Majestic Dawn tomorrow. I only have 2 days until Spring Break and I'm pretty pumped actually my last class on Friday was cancelled so Spring Break comes an hour sooner for me. After this test tomorrow and a help session Thursday night I should be free for the rest of the day and all the way until I come back to school. I can't wait to be opening some more Pokemon cards. I actually haven't opened any for about 2 months since I made a bunch of videos before I left and just posted one every week so I would stay active on my channel. I'm probably going to go to bed though, so this is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, my springbreak was two weeks ago, im in Canada. What college you go to?