Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's been a pretty easy day today, I was pretty busy this morning and afternoon but after my hour help session from 4-5 I've pretty much taken the day easy. I ate some hoison chicken breasts for supper which were pretty good then I got back to my room and answered stuff on facebook, youtube, and on here and then I decided to rest a little while. When I got done with my nap I decided to watch the movie Money Talks again, it is a really good movie if you've never seen it before the synopsis on the back of the DVD says this: Brace yourself for the most explosive action comedy since 48 HRS, and Lethal Weapon when Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen team up for trouble in Money Talks. A jailbreak accidentally sets fast-talking ticket hustler Franklin Hatchet (Christ Tucker) on the run for murder. Now the whole city is on his tail and only reporter James Russel (Charlie Sheen) can clear his name. Together they're caught in a hilarious crossfire between the cops, crooks and commandos trying to retrieve a fortune in diamonds. Also starring Heather Locklear, and Paul Sorvino for a full-scale assault of comedy and mayhem. So if you've seen any of the Rush Hour movies or ever watched the T.V. show Two and a Half men I would definitely recommend this movie to you. I could have actually continued studying for an Economic Development test I have on Thursday but I felt too lazy, the weather's too nice outside so it makes me want to do nothing, as well as the fact spring break is this Friday it's getting really hard to concentrate on school right now when I really want to be taking it easy and opening all the new Pokemon cards I've bought recently. So make sure you stay tuned for my Pokemon Card of the Day tomorrow, I'm going to do Glaceon from Majestic Dawn so look forward to that. This is PrimetimePokemon and I'm out.


Anonymous said...

add me on facebook!

poketrader said...

thanks for doing the glaceon :)

PrimetimePokemon said...

@ poketrader anymore suggestions? I will do them