Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cottonee -- Boundaries Crossed Pokemon Card Review

Cottonee Boundaries Crossed Pokemon Card
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Cottonee from the Boundaries Crossed Pokemon Card Set.  Cottonee is a basic, grass type Pokemon card, with an hp of 50.  It has a x2 weakness to fire type Pokemon, a -20 resistance to water type Pokemon, and a one colorless energy card retreat cost.  Cottonee does not have an Ability and it only has one move.  Its only move is called Ram and for one colorless energy card this move does 10 damage.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Cottonee is a basic Pokemon card with a stage 1 evolution in Whimsicott, I would recommend keeping Cottonee on your bench and evolving it into Whimsicott (which I'll be reviewing tomorrow) before moving it into the active Pokemon spot.  I would not recommend using this card as a starter Pokemon because it has lower than average hp and only one move that does minimal damage.  However, if you are forced to use this card in the active Pokemon spot, and that only should be if you have Whimsicott in your deck, this card should not be used on its own, your only chose is to use Ram every turn until you're able to evolve it into Whimsicott.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 2 out of 5 rating.  In my opinion, this is an below average basic Pokemon card.  It really isn't that bad, but it shouldn't be used on its own, and this card can't do much, that is why I'm giving this card a below average rating.  It is quick, requires any type of energy to attack, and has a low retreat cost, but when this card can only do 10 damage maximum, it definitely isn't a card I would look to use at all. Hopefully Whimsicott is a bit better than this card...

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Cottonee from the Boundaries Crossed set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Cottonee's stage 1 evolution in Whimsicott which is also from this same set.  Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

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