Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Smoochum (Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Today's Pokemon Card of the day is Smoochum from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set, this is a basic, psychic type Pokemon card, with an hp of 30. Because it is a baby Pokemon it doesn't have a weakness, resistance type, or retreat cost. Its Poke-Body is called Sweet Sleeping Face which prevents all damage done to Smoochum from attacks as long as Smoochum is asleep. Smoochum's only move is called Energy Antics and it doesn't require any energy cards, this move allows you to move one energy card from one of your opponent's Pokemon to another one and after using this move Smoochum is asleep. As far as strategy goes I would consider using this card in my deck just to move one energy card from the active Pokemon, I would really like to use this when you know your opponent doesn't have any energy cards in their hand and they need another one to attack you, if you move Smoochum in and use Energy Antics and remove an energy card from that active Pokemon it will be a long time before that Pokemon will be able to attack again. So I would rate this card a 3 out of 5 because I think that Energy Antics can be very useful and if you are going to use a baby Pokemon in your deck this is a pretty decent one to use. So thanks for reading today's review of Smoochum from the Heart Gold/Soul Silver set, stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Typhlosion from the same set.

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