Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pokemon Card of the Day: Staraptor (Diamond and Pearl)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Staraptor from the Diamond and Pearl set, this card is a stage 1, normal type card with an hp of 100. Staraptor has a +30 weakness to electric type Pokemon, a -20 resistance to fighting type Pokemon and a free retreat cost. Staraptor has no Poke-Power or Poke-Body but it does have two moves, the first move is called Accelerative Dive which does 30 hp damage for 1 colorless energy card, when doing this move you have to flip a coin, if the coin is tails this move does nothing, if the coin is heads it prevents all effects of an attack including done to Staraptor during your opponent's next turn. Staraptor's second move is called Brave Heart and this move does 100 damage for 4 colorless energy cards but you also have to flip a coin with this card and if the coin is tails Staraptor does 100 damage to itself, so it basically is a self-destructive move. As far as strategy goes I would really only use this card to to brave Heart I would just put Staraptor on my bench and put 4 energy cards on it and if I need to do 100 damage to win the game, I'll move Staraptor into my active Pokemon spot and win the game, otherwise this card isn't worth it to use at all, because either move is 100 percent accurate since the first move might not even do damage and the second move will knock out Staraptor right away. I would rate this card a 2 out of 5, the only reason I didn't rate this card a 1 out of 5 is because this card has free retreat cost, but I would advise to stay away from this card. So thanks for reading today's review of Staraptor from Diamond and Pearl stay tuned for tomorrow's review of a card from Mysterious Treasures.


noobstarxxx said...

hey there PrimetimePokemon,
i like your daily reviews and all, but i cant help but feel the need to comment on this one.
you probably misread the text on the card, or overlooked the possible combination of attacks this card can pull off.
the move "accelerative dive" is you read closely says that :if heads, prevent all damage done to Staraptor by attacks (both yours and your opponent's) until the end of YOUR next turn
so it can be used in a combo with brave heart, in such a way that you don't suicide even after using the move, as long as accelerative dive works, which may mean that this card isn't as bad as you put it to be, and i feel that it at least deserves a 3 out of 5

harrison.gray74 said...

hey thanks primetime
could you tell me your email address so i can email you
hope you can and what prime tin would you suggest getting next ive got the typhlosion one and i dont know what to get next.