Saturday, February 3, 2018

Shopping for Ultra Prism Pokemon Cards

Ultra Prism Pokemon Cards at Target
Ultra Prism at Target
As many know, yesterday, February 2nd, 2018, was the official release date of Ultra Prism. The goal on my channel is to always open products as soon as they are released. When Crimson Invasion was released, I did a shopping video where I went to my local Walmart and showed everything they had in stock, plus purchased everything that was new, that video was well received, so I headed to Mankato, Minnesota, about an hour away from where I live, in hopes of recording the Ultra Prism selection at several different stores there, unfortunately, several hours later, I am writing this blog post instead of uploading a shopping video to YouTube.

I took a vacation day from working to head to Mankato to hit up all of the stores in search of Ultra Prism, I figured in a town of 50,000+, at least one store would have the set in stock. After a full day of searching, only one store had Ultra Prism in stock, and even then, it wasn't a full selection. In the picture at the beginning of this post, you can see the selection of Ultra Prism that was at Target, they had the theme decks, individual booster packs, each of the 3-pack blisters, and unfortunately had already sold out of the Elite Trainer Boxes. I was still hopeful, thinking the toys section would be stocked up with Ultra Prism, I went back to that section, and it was pretty much empty, the newest set back there being Burning Shadows, I was so disappointed! I actually preordered the theme decks, both Elite Trainer Boxes, and the 3-pack blisters, so I was really only in search for the 1-pack blisters and the Collector's Album, and Target didn't have these in stock at all.

Next up, in the mall where Target is located is a GameStop, I had a lot of success with Pokemon cards during the Clearance Sale there, so I figured they would have at least some Ultra Prism products in stock and for sale, but no luck at all!
They had some Crimson Invasion products as well as lots of older Sun & Moon Base Set booster packs, I think they should have just sold those during their clearance sale! I can see why the Elite Trainer Boxes were gone at Target so fast, if no where else was selling the set.

All hope wasn't lost shopping in the River Hills Mall, on the other end of the mall was a Barnes and Noble store, I had been there several times, and every time I was there, my book was always in stock, of course the one day I have my video camera with me, my book is gone! Oh well, I'm glad someone purchased it, I hope they're enjoying it. Barnes and Noble usually does have a nice sealed product assortment, so I stopped to look, no
Barnes and Noble
Ultra Prism products here either.  Knowing that Shopko is always behind stocking new Pokemon cards, and that the Walmart located here never has a good selection of Pokemon cards, that ended my hunt for Ultra Prism.

The day wasn't all terrible, I did have a wonderful time with my fiance, we ate at Olive Garden, and she bought! We did some shopping in the mall, and relaxed in the massage chairs and watched the people for awhile. If you've been following me on Twitter, you know my fiance bought me two Parakeets as an early Christmas present, unfortunately Daisy fell ill and passed away, so we used the time in Mankato to go to the three pet stores and find a new bird. After lots of searching we purchased a beautiful white and blue/gray/purple female that is very friendly, without any training she hopped on my finger and even sat on my shoulder, her name is Priscilla.
My new Parakeet, Priscilla.
I did head to the local Walmart when I got back into town, they did have Ultra Prism in stock, but it looked like the card section was in the middle of being stocked, there were theme decks, Elite Trainer Boxes, and individual packs, but no blister packs. The hope is to head to Walmart Saturday night and record a shopping video for YouTube. If you have any suggestions for me in that particular video, let me know.
Ultra Prism at Walmart
Ultra Prism at Walmart

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