Saturday, June 4, 2016

Garchomp -- BREAKpoint Pokemon Card Review

Garchomp BREAKpoint Pokemon Card
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Garchomp from the BREAKpoint Pokemon Card Set.  Garchomp is a stage 2, fighting type Pokemon card, with an hp of 130.  It has a x2 weakness to grass type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a free retreat cost.  Garchomp does not have an Ability but it does have two moves.  The first move that this card has is called Turbo Assault, for one fighting type energy card this move does 60 damage, plus it allows you to attach an energy card from your discard pile to one of your Pokemon.  Garchomp's second move is called Bite Off and for two fighting type energy cards this move does 80 damage plus 80 more damage if you're facing an EX Pokemon.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Garchomp is a stage 2 Pokemon card, you'll first have to get Gible into play and then evolve it into Gabite before you can evolve Gabite into Garchomp, both of those Pokemon are from this set and I've reviewed both of them the last two days.  If you've read my reviews of those cards you'll know that I thought both Pokemon were below average overall.  Both cards were very limited in what they could, having only one move, where Gible couldn't do any damage and Gabite had a low HP.  So knowing this about the first two Pokemon in this line and looking at this Garchomp card, because the first two Pokemon are so poor and the fact that Garchomp has a free retreat cost, I would highly recommend setting this line up on the bench and only using a 1-1-1 line of each.  You could get two energy cards on Garchomp, then either way to move it to the active Pokemon spot when an EX is in the active Pokemon spot, or wait until later in the game when most of your energy is in the discard pile and use Turbo Assault every turn to retrieve those energy cards.  Either way, I think Garchomp is a fine addition to a fighting type deck, and even though the first two Pokemon in this line are poorer, this card is still worth it.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 4 out of 5 rating.  In my opinion this is a very good Stage 2 Pokemon card from the BREAKpoint set.  Other than having a slightly lower HP than I'd like to see, this card has two great moves, both doing major damage and for hardly any energy at all.  A thing that boosts this card greatly is its free retreat cost, which makes it a good card to keep on your bench and move to the active Pokemon spot at opportune times.  Together with Gible and Gabite from this set, which both received below average ratings from me, this line gets a 3 out of 5 rating.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Garchomp from the Fates Collide set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Pancham, which is from this same set.  Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

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What is the highest rarity of any Garchomp card?
Please respond by including your YouTube username and link to your YouTube channel.  If the question is quite tough, the first correct comment will win, otherwise I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.


Seyi S said...

Ultra Rare?
Here is my youtube channel link and my username is Seyi S

shawn ken Delpilar said...

UR sir Ultra rare name shawnken delpilar

Anonymous said...

Ultra rare (lv X, EX, secret rare)


Ariel Fridman said...

the highest rarity of any Garchomp card was an ultra rare card ( a rare holo LV. X card).
My name is Ariel Fridman.

Cesar Quintanilla said...

Ultra Rare holo Lv. X card


Leena Sregneva said...

Ultra rare
Leena Sregneva

Max Zak said...

An ultra rare Max Zak

kris_is_ me_ said...

Ultra Rare

kris_is_ me_

Jules Simo said...

ultra rare level x

my channel:

username jules simo

Lukas Nowak said...

Ultra Rare