Friday, November 20, 2015

Pansage -- BREAKthrough Pokemon Card Review

Pansage BREAKthrough Pokemon Card
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Pansage from the BREAKthrough Pokemon Card Set.  Pansage is a basic, grass type Pokemon card with an hp of 60.  It has a x2 weakness to fire type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a one colorless energy card retreat cost. Pansage does not have an Ability or an Ancient Trait and it only has one move.  The only move that this card has is called Fury Swipes, for one colorless energy card this move does 10 damage times the number of heads you get when you flip 3 coins.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Pansage is a basic Pokemon card with a stage 1 evolution in Simisage, which I'll be reviewing tomorrow, you'll more than likely want to use this card with that Pokemon.  However, since I haven't reviewed that card yet, I'll just act as though I plan on using this card without its evolution.  So, on its own, I would not recommend using this card in a deck, the main reason being the only move that this card has is based off of coin flips, and especially late in games, you don't want to put a Pokemon into the active Pokemon spot and not have it do any damage at all.  You could always attach a Trick Coin trainer to Pansage but I would much rather use a Basic Pokemon that can do 20 damage every turn for one energy card than one that potentially could do 30 damage a turn for the same energy cost.  So unless you just really like Pansage, I wouldn't recommend using this card in a deck without Simisage.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 2 out of 5 rating.  So in my opinion, on its own, without considering Simisage, this is a slightly below average Basic Pokemon card.  I like that this card has a solid HP and a low retreat cost, but having only one move which is based off of coin flips just isn't something that I want in a deck, making this card below average overall.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Pansage from the BREAKthrough set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Pansage's stage 1 evolution Simisage, which is from this same set.  Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

Free Pokemon TCG Online Code Cards:
Today's Quiz for a Pokemon TCG Online Code Card --
How many Pansage cards have been in the XY series of sets?
Please respond by including your YouTube username and link to your YouTube channel.  If the question is quite tough, the first correct comment will win, otherwise I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.


Shafeeq Jabaar said...

There are 2 different Pansagecards in the XY expansion
My YouTube Username is Shafeeq Jabaar

Anthony Seaman said...

There have been two different Pansage cards in the XY Expansion Set

10/146 Common, XY 2/39 XY-Kalos Starter Set


Kai Tung Ng said...

There have been three Pansage cards in the XY Series of expansions. Those cards have been in: the Kalos Starter Set (2/39); XY Base Set (Common: 10/146); XY8 BREAKthrough (Common; 5/162).

Kai Tung Ng

Chasista said...

Two of them in the XY sets + 1 in the Kalos Starter set that were the Beginner's sets from XY series.


Cabal said...

There are 2 Pansage cards in the XY series of sets, Pansage (10,146, Common) from XY and Pansage (5/162, Common) from BREAKthrough.


kris_is_ me_ said...


kris_is_ me_

Devon Richard said...

there have been 2 pansage cards in the Pokemon TCG XY Expansion Sets.
My Youtube user name is Devon "EthicsStar" Richard and the link to my youtube page is:

Cardboard Bender said...

Two Pansage cards.

Cardboard Bender

irshad kabeer said...

There are 2 pansage cards...

Irshad Kabeer

irshad kabeer said...
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Gary Goh said...

There are 2 pansage cards in the Pokemon TCG XY Expansion Sets

Gary goh

JAlexander said...

2/39 Kalos Starter Set
10/146 XY
5/162 BREAKthrough

Jean Alexander

Martin T said...


Martin T

byakugan143 said...

2/39 Kalos Starter Set
10/146 XY
5/162 BREAKthrough
and link to my account

Giri Venkatesh said...


Giri Venkatesh

Kristian Chaves said...

One was number 2/39 in the Kalos starter set.
One was number 10/146 in the XY set.
One was number 5/162 in the breakthrough set.

Caleb Barnes said...

Three cards
Caleb Barnes

Matthew Templeman said...

there have been 2

Vanessa Buda said...



Duaa Sareshwala said...

There are 3 pansage

Dominic Browne said...

There have been 3 Pansage cards in the XY series of sets