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Vespiquen 11/98 -- Ancient Origins Pokemon Card Review

Vespiquen Ancient Origins
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Vespiquen from the Ancient Origins Pokemon Card Set.  This is the second of two Vespiquen cards I've reviewed from this set.  Vespiquen is a stage 1, grass type Pokemon card, with an hp of 90.  It has a x2 weakness to fire type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a one colorless energy card cost.  Vespiquen's Ancient Trait is called Double and it allows you to have two Tool cards attached to Vespiquen at the same time.  Besides the Ancient Trait, Vespiquen has two moves.  The first move that this card has is called Bee Drain, for one grass energy card this move does 20 damage plus it heals from Vespiquen the same amount of damage done to the opposing Pokemon.  Vespiquen's second move is called Fury Swipes, for two colorless energy cards this move does 30 damage plus 30 more damage for each heads you flip when you flip three coins.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Vespiquen is a stage 1 Pokemon card, you'll first have to get Combee into play (I reviewed Combee from this set two days ago) and then evolve Combee into Vespiquen, there are actually two Vespiquen cards from this set, and I'll be comparing both at the end of this post.  If you read my review of Combee, you'll know that I thought the card was a very poor card overall, not only was it limited in what it could do having one move but its HP was really low.  So knowing this about Combee and looking at this Vespiquen card, if you want a more straightforward attacker and don't want to rely on discarded Pokemon, this Vespiquen card is the one for you to use, just attach Trick Coin to it, and you have a good shot at doing at least 90 damage or more every single turn with Fury Swipes.  This card is just as fast as yesterday's Vespiquen and can actually do more damage for less.  So I do like this card quite a bit, but yesterday's Vespiquen is a card that you could build a deck around whereas this card is more of a role player in that it won't be the main card in a deck.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 4 out of 5 rating.  In my opinion this is an above average Stage 1 Pokemon card from the Ancient Origins set.  There really isn't that I dislike about this card other than the fact that it is a little worse than yesterday's Vespiquen card, this card still has an average HP, low retreat cost and two good moves.  So you can't go wrong with either Vespiquen card from this set, however I would give the line of this Vespiquen card and Combee from the Ancient Origins set a 3 out of 5 rating.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Vespiquen from the Ancient Origins set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Virizion, which is from this same set.  Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

Free Pokemon TCG Online Code Cards:
Today's Quiz for a Pokemon TCG Online Code Card --
How many grass type Ancient Trait cards are in the Ancient Origins set?
Please respond by including your YouTube username and link to your YouTube channel.  If the question is quite tough, the first correct comment will win, otherwise I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.


Cabal said...

There are 3 grass type Ancient Trait cards in the Ancient Origins set, Mega Sceptile EX (8/98, Rare Holo ex), Vespiquen (11/98, Rare) and Mega Sceptile EX Full Art (85/98, Rare Ultra).


Primal Kyogre said...

There are 3 grass type Ancient Trait Cards.

Primal Kyogre

Hoopa EX said...

There are three Grass Type Ancient Trait Pokemon Cards which are: Mega Sceptile EX Vespiquen and Mega Sceptile EX full art.

Hoopa EX

Kai Tung Ng said...

There are three Grass-Type Ancient Trait cards in the Ancient Origins expansion. Those cards are: Mega Sceptile EX (Rare Holo EX, 8/98); Vespiquen (Rare, 11/98); and Mega Sceptile EX FA (Rare Ultra; 85/98).

Kai Tung Ng

Dominic Browne said...

I counted three grass types that have an ancient trait.

PS, you made a mistake in the Strategy section of this article where you mistake Combee for Vespiquen (line 7).

Daniel Chen said...

There are 3 grass type cards in the ancient origins set w/ an Ancient Trait. They are:
Mega Sceptile EX(8/98)w/ Theta Stop Ancient Trait
Mega Sceptile EX(85/98)w/ Theta Stop Ancient Trait
Vespiquen(11/98)w/ Theta Double Ancient Trait
Daniel Chen

André Bernacchi said...

Tree, I mean Three


Anonymous said...

There are a total of three ancient trait cards in the Ancient Origins set.

Cardboard Bender

Adolfo said...

There are three differetns ancient trait grass type cards in Ancient Origins

User and channel name: Adolfo Morera

Zain Misha said...

Three (3)


Vanessa Buda said...



Martin T said...


Martin T

Ward said...

There are three grass type Ancient Trait cards in the Ancient Origins set.

Ward Vercouter

KiFoWnEzZz Gaming said...



My YT:

Anonymous said...

There are a total of three ancient trait cards in the Ancient Origins set.

Breor de Gwad

PrimetimePokemon said...

Congrats to Dominic Browne for winning!