Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camerupt -- Supreme Victors Pokemon Card Review

Camerupt Pokemon Card Supreme Victors setPokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Camerupt from the Supreme Victors set. This is a stage 1, fire type Pokemon card, with an hp of 120. It has a +30 weakness to water type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a four colorless energy card retreat cost. Camerupt doesn't have a Poke-Body or Poke-Power but it does have two moves, the first move is called Moving Fire and for two colorless energy cards it does 30 damage and you may move one fire energy card attached to one of your benched Pokemon to Camerupt. Camerupt's second move is called Volcanic Crash and for four energy cards, two each of fire and colorless, it does 100 damage. However, when you use this move, you have to flip 3 coins, for each tails you get you have to discard the top card of your deck.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, preferrably I would want to have Camerupt on my bench until it gets four energy cards on it. But even if it doesn't have that many energy cards on it, you can use Moving Fire first and put two energy cards on it at once and hopefully be able to use Volcanic Crash that much sooner. I would try and use Volcanic Crash every turn. Just make sure to have someway of getting cards from your discard pile back into your deck so you don't run out of cards in your deck and lose the game. But you may get lucky and not have to discard any energy cards when using Volcanic Crash.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 5 out of 5 rating. I really like that fact that you can attack every turn without having to attach additional energy cards to Camerupt. 100 damage per turn is great and can knock out every Pokemon in two turns or less. Plus with 120 hp, Camerupt should be able to last quite awhile, even against the most powerful Pokemon. The one bad thing about this card is the high retreat cost, but I would just keep this card in the active Pokemon spot until I win the game or get knocked out.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Camerupt from the Supreme Victors set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Camerupt G from the Supreme Victors set.

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