Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mewtwo -- Legendary Treasures Pokemon Card Review

Mewtwo Legendary Treasures Pokemon Card
Pokemon Card Overview:
Today's Pokemon Card Review is of Mewtwo from the Legendary Treasures Pokemon Card Set.  Mewtwo is a basic, psychic type Pokemon card with an hp of 120. It has a x2 weakness to psychic type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a two colorless energy card retreat cost.  Mewtwo does not have an Ability but it does have two moves.  The first move that this card has is called Power Edge, for two colorless energy cards this move does 30 damage.  Mewtwo's second move is called Psyslash and for four energy cards, two each of psychic and colorless, this move does 120 damage, however you must discard two energy cards from Mewtwo after using the move.

Pokemon Card Strategy:
So as far as strategy goes, since Mewtwo is a basic Pokemon with no evolutions, you only have to use this Pokemon in your deck if you want to use this card.  With that being said, since this card requires at least two energy cards to attack and needs four to do major damage, I wouldn't use this card in a deck, and if I was forced to use this card in a deck I wouldn't use more than 1 of these.  I would stock pile as many energy cards on Mewtwo on the bench as I could so that when I put it into the active Pokemon spot I could use Psyslash several turns in a row.  I would also make sure to either have Pokemon with moves that can get energy cards from your discard pile or trainer cards that do this because Psyslash will make you discard a ton of energy cards to your discard pile.

Pokemon Card Rating:
I would give this card a 3 out of 5 rating.  In my opinion, this is an average basic Pokemon card from the Legendary Treasures set.  I like that this card has a good hp and two moves that do a fair amount of damage, but this card definitely isn't better than average overall since it requires so many energy cards to use.  So I personally wouldn't use this card in a deck, but if you included one of these in your psychic type deck it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to do.

Tomorrow's Pokemon Card:
So thanks for reading today's Pokemon card review of Mewtwo from the Legendary Treasures set, stay tuned for tomorrow's card review of Natu, which is from this same set. Make sure to check below for the Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes!

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How many total Mewtwo cards are in this set?
Please respond by including the correct answer and a link to your YouTube channel.


Lazar Vujcic said...

This is error card - ther are only 1 or 2 cards in deck like this


Lazar Vujcic said...

There is exactly 2 - mewtwo and mewtwo ex


Cabal said...

There are 2 Mewtwo cards in Legendary Treasures set.


Tam Hoang said...

There's 2 Mewtwo card in this set: 1 normal and 1 EX reprint.

Username: blingblingjingjing

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/blingblingjingjing

ilija Rošić said...

two mewtwo card in Legendary Treasures set.

abrar sarwar said...

there are only two mewtwo in legendary treasures


Rai Peter said...

There's 2 Mewtwo card


Peters Peter said...

there are 2 mewtwos in this set: a normal one and an ex.


Sherief Adel said...

2 ONLY (Mewtwo and Mewtwo EX)

Username : Sherief Adel


Miłosz Krysiak said...

There are 2 Mewtwo cads :D


Fredrik Larsen said...

There are only 2 mewtwo cards
One regular and one ex


cameron edwards said...

there are two mewtwo

David Robles said...

There are 2 mewtwo cards in the Legendary Treasures set


Saumyadip Biswas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saumyadip Biswas said...

There are 15 cards of Mewtwo in a set with EX card and normal cards with Different moves.


Service2k0 said...

Two, mewtwo that you talked about and mewtwo ex.


Giachino Barcelona said...

2(this and mewtwo ex remake)

Name:Giachino Barcelona


Jacob Lin said...

2(this and mewtwo ex remake)



TheStorm245 said...

There are 2 Mewtwo cards in this set!


Will Campbell said...

Two cards. Mewtwo and Mewtwo EX. :D I hope I win :DDDD

www.youtube.com/WG4575 - The Battlefielder

Anas Muhammad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anas Muhammad said...

There are four mewtwos in legendary treasures.

Pooki Rawr said...

2, mewtwo ex and mewtwo.

My channel sucks, all i do is hate on minecraft videos, please don't watch my two random videos

Sufiyan Sarwar said...

two mewtwo card are in this set.


duc said...

Two mewtwo cards are in this set-Mewtwo EX and a normal Mewtwo.


duc was here

PrimetimePokemon said...

Congrats to Sufiyan Sarwar for winning!

Leslie Lim said...

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