Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pokemon Card of the Day: Toxicroak G (Platinum)

Toxicroak G Pokemon Card Platinum SetToday's Pokemon Card of the Day is Toxicroak G from the Platinum set, this is a basic, psychic type Pokemon card with an hp of 90. It has a x2 weakness to psychic type Pokemon, no resistance type, and a two colorless energy card retreat cost. Its Poke-Body is called Anticipation and it prevents all effects of an attack except for damage. Toxicroak G's only move is called Deep Poison and for two energy cards, one each of psychic and colorless, it does 20 damage plus 40 more damage if the defending Pokemon is poisoned. As far as strategy goes this card would be good if you were facing an opponent who focused on special conditions. But if I were to use this card I would make sure to have another psychic Pokemon in my deck that did make Pokemon go to sleep so I could do 60 damage with Deep Poison. However I would rate this card a 1 out of 5, I don't like this card at all, it has way too high a retreat cost for a basic Pokemon, especially one that can't do much damage. And this card is only average if you can put a Pokemon to sleep before you play Toxicroak G, so not only would you have to get lucky to have the Pokemon stay asleep but you would have to have a Pokemon that retreated for free in order to not waste anything by putting Toxicroak G into the active Pokemon spot. If I were thinking about using this card I would just find a Pokemon that put Pokemon asleep and that could do at least 20 damage without having to depend on other Pokemon. So thanks for reading today's review of Toxicroak G from the Platinum set, stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Bastiodon GL from the Rising Rivals set.

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