Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pokemon Card of the Day: Mamoswine (Stormfront)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Mamoswine from the Stormfront set. This is a stage 2, fighting type Pokemon card, with an hp of 140. It has a +30 weakness to grass type Pokemon, a -20 resistance to electric type Pokemon, and a retreat cost of five colorless energy cards. Mamoswine doesn't have a Poke-Body or Poke-Power but it does have two moves. The first move is called Ramming Strike and for 3 energy cards, one fighting and two colorless, it does 30 damage times the number of heads you get in a row, and if you get a tails and want to try for a longer heads streak you can go again but you have to put 20 damage on Mamoswine first. Mamoswine's other move is called Parade and for four energy cards, one water, one fighting, and two colorless, Mamoswine does 60 damage plus 10 more damage for each Swinub on your bench, 20 more damage for each Piloswine on your bench and 40 more damage for each Mamoswine on your bench. So as far as strategy goes you would want to have this card in a water and fighting type deck so you wouldn't have to use a special energy card to use Parade. Also you'll want to have a line of 4-3-2 for Mamoswine so you can do even more damage with Parade than its base damage of 60. I would give this card a 2 out of 5 however as a rating. It does have the potential to do a lot of damage, but it is quite slow and has an extremely high retreat cost, and it can do a lot of damage but at the same time if you aren't lucky you may spend a lot of time setting this card up and not get more than 30 damage a turn. So thanks for reading today's review of Mamoswine from the Stormfront set, stay tuned for tomorrow's review Rapidash from the same set.

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Anonymous said...

how about having tonnes of mamoswines in your bench? their not that easy to knock out you know. but then again, with new rules on the tcg, no one knows what's there to expect