Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pokemon Card of the Day: Luxray (Legends Awakened)

Today's Pokemon Card of the Day is Luxray from the Legends Awakened set. This is a stage 2, electric type Pokemon card, with an hp of 120. It has a +30 weakness to fighting type Pokemon, a -20 resistance to metal type Pokemon, and free retreat costs. Luxray's Poke-Body is called Rivalry and is says that if your opponent has any Lv. X cards in play each of Luxray's moves does 50 more damage. Besides the Poke-Body, Luxray has two moves, the first move is called Plasma and for two colorless energy cards, Luxray does 40 damage and it also allows you to search your discard pile for an electric energy card and attach it to Luxray. Luxray's second move is called Shock Bolt and this move does 100 damage for 3 energy cards, one colorless and 2 electric, the only downside to this move is that you have to discard an electric type energy card attached to Luxray after the turn. As far as strategy goes you would definitely want to have Luxray on your bench at all times so if your opponent puts a Lv. X card into play you can put in Luxray right away and do 50 more damage each turn. I would also suggest you start with three energy cards on Luxray so that you can use Shock Bolt the first turn and do 100 damage then the next turn if you don't have a energy card to attach to Luxray from your hand you can use Plasma and get the energy card you discarded the last turn back onto Luxray. I would give this card a 5 out of 5 because it is pretty much unstoppable against Lv. X cards when you use Shock Bolt, it also has free retreat costs which is absolutely amazing and not too shabby of an hp either. So thanks for reading today's review of Luxray from the Legends Awakened set, stay tuned for tomorrow's review of Mamoswine from the same set.


KameloxYx said...

This card is like a nuke on the battlefield! Its SO massively powerful it can be used to take out pretty much anything, considering shock bolt can do 150 damage if the opponent has a lv X card in play.

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